My Passion


Helping people is something that is a passion for me. I dont know what it is but I just enjoy and love helping people. I have been the most caring and giving person since I was just a little girl. All through my life Ive had a huge heart, and would make someone smile about anything so sweet and special, whether its saying Hi to an elderly person and helping them with groceries, to stopping a little kid from crying because they got a "booboo". Im very interested in Nursing and being a Nurse Practioner because, the best thing is seeing someone happy and healthy. If I could make a person feel better everyday I would be so happy. I am the type of student is determined to get where I want to be and change lives. I have learned that what good you do for another good will come to you.I find it so exciting to do good deeds.  I honestly think everyone needs someone they know that cares about them. If I can be that one person it would be just amazing. Bringing joy to a persons day can be just having a small conversation, doing something that the person enjoys, or even just saying hello. I'd love to make a difference in someones life.


Need to talk?

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