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it would happen to me most often as a child when sleeping over my grandparents' house in the red room,   as my sleeping and waking minds met, I knew myself to be elsewhere--
In my new house there is host It is known as ghost He lived for million time Just he did was million crime He is dark as night  Strong as knight  Has horse without head
in my house and room there is witch broom i know a ghost he make people lost   it haunts our house with a mouse a bloody lake a bloody cake   i see haunted movies
Phantoms lurk in my mind Haunting the neural networks On which I must travel They dog my thoughts They pop-up like mushrooms Sometimes beautiful and poisonous, or Tasty and cute, or
The smell is something  that stays with you forever.  The smoke is long gone, but it left a solemn promise.   That stays with you forever-- when you look at the ovens, it leaves a solemn promise
It's just me it's just me come and sit on my knee I'll tell you a story of how the wind blows and where all the bad kids go the boogie man ate em' he snatched them up by the toes spanked them on the bottom and gobbled the boogers from their nose t
Lingering, Lingering, Lingering, Please let me be. Wondering, Wondering, Wondering,  Do you still think of me?  
I don't know what I'm doing.  I don't know where I'm at. I don't know where I'm heading, And I don't know who I am. The earth beneath me is spinning;  I am here and now I'm not. 
Beside the road, a man dressed to impress Walking toward the most frightening legend He puts away the fear, that mind has no time for stress For he must not back away from this offer
My anxiety haunts me.And no, it's not the usual "under the bed" or "inside the closet" ghostThis is a "inside my heart" ghostA "something is holding me against my bed" ghostA "I can't breathe" ghost
I live in a house with two ghosts Mirrored in themselves when they are near the other They drift through each other But alone they seem nearly solid
I brush my lips across my abusers cheekThey say the abuse lies skin deep, but I say it rests in my heartAnother night we spend like this, all snuggled up like we lovedBut we did not feel love, we felt resentment deep within
You’re a favorite Haunt of mine. A quiet place, A handsome face I like to visit In my solitary solivagants
Speak to me, they do The Whispers in the halls Another's thoughts persue me Just waiting for the fall A path unto insanity A mind's own hollow room For I cannot control them
Baby I’m sorry. I’m sorry for the cold shoulder. The arctic bone chilling air resonates from my body and you just happened to walk through the danger zone. But how can I say danger zone when all I am is dangerous.
Memories closing in Shadows of the past Windows breaking Glimmering shards Upon the floor Walls large and daunting No reflection in the mirror You don't exist A wisp of fog rolling by
1. I am haunted by It.
I walked in darkness today My heart trembled I thought of you and I shook How can you touch me through time so clearly YOU are the essence of my deepest secret heart
I, her practical ghost I travel the night and wander halls aimless   Planning pranks, foul the foolish and surprise the unbelieving I walk the deserted halls, my pace even, my mind alert
I, her ghost She looks forward I reflect back   By generosity She shared her memories Our past, lost hopes, and sad broken dreams  
From the darkness, I feel your hand Reaching from the mists beyond My heart fails, my mind paralyzed   The room is dark, sheers cross my face A veil into the unknown  
I've a sixth sense for the ghosts of my past; they regularly come back and haunt me. I can feel their approach in my skin and my bones, their presence in the collapse of my heart.
The dark blue
Foot steps on the stairs, that aren't really there, feels like there's someone's watching me.Shadows on the walls,whispers down the hall,
They couldn't move, couldn't get up to even pee.
They fill us up with lies They pull down the blinds And are the cause Of our sad demise   These voices and their venom Slowly poison us to death And in time we become
And dancing, they were,   The two girls, and the boy   Caring not about time,   That seemed not to pass by       They noticed not, that not a stare  
How can it be Someone like me So happy and free But don’t leave me be Alone at last Here comes the past All that’s suppressed Makes me depressed
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