Proper Tea

Speak to me, they do

The Whispers in the halls

Another's thoughts persue me

Just waiting for the fall

A path unto insanity

A mind's own hollow room

For I cannot control them

They live only to consume


Everywhere I turn

There's no place possible to flee

For I can hear them coming

Why is it that they chose me?

They wish for me to listen

They just want me to hear

These thoughts that are controlled

By one controlled by fear


"Hurry!" "No!" "But, stop!"

They're screaming in my head

When this ordeal is over

I might just end up dead

"For us you must take caution

"Don't be ready to proceed

"These halls that you have wandered

"Are haunted by our greed."


I'm trapped by these proceedings

I'm ready to get out

But all these thoughts won't let me

They're filling me with doubt


"Here bad things have happened,

"We need our story told.

"In spite of all our efforts,

"We cannot leave our gold."


Their Whispers now have lessened

They're coming out as hushed

I care not for their pleadings

I'd rather not be rushed



For what is it that I can do

That they themselves cannot?

I am the one they've chosen

To help carry out their plot

The plan they give is simple

They say to not make it a chore

I'm sorry but these Whispers

Have chilled me to the core


They will keep up their hauntings

Until I do agree

I'm not sure how to fight them

They want only to be free


"There is another coming,

"They're coming to impose,

"It is They that caused our down fall,

"It is of Them you must dispose."


I know They come to plunder

These treasures that I keep

For now I'll keep on fighting

To stay out of the deep

But now my will is lessened

Their offer isn't bad

I'm free to leave if I can just

Destroy a certain lad


I stalk him through the empty halls

The same where I was chased

He doesn't see me coming

And won't until he is encased


"The deed is done!" To them I say

"You promised me a key,

"I have done your dirty work,

"Now please just let me be!"


There is a certain softness,

The hallways start to glow

The Whispers start to cackle

"We did not intend to let you go."


"No!" I scream. They grab for me

I can't put up a fight

They drag me to their cellar

While Outsiders know no plight


My story ends not well

I can spare you of the tale

Only know that forever now

I am placed behind a veil


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