From the Darkness

From the darkness, I feel your hand
Reaching from the mists beyond
My heart fails, my mind paralyzed
The room is dark, sheers cross my face
A veil into the unknown
Your strong fingers familiar, your musk heavy
I cannot believe, I move away quickly
Fear fills my heart, my mind reels aimlessly
This love unspoken, my lifetime a torment
Dark is this night, and my candle a faint relief
You sit upon my cold bed, the coldness increases
I shiver, my mind denies your whispers of love
I draw my knees up, my chest heaves broken gasps
You touch my hair, fingers gently trace my face
My heart screams in terror, I mutter, lies, deceit
You smile understanding, I break and tears fall
The candle blows out, I feel a cold embrace
My heart falls, I hear a laugh and terror embraces me
You are my love, and the silence is deafening
My heart is broken and yet even now you melt me
I lay me down to sleep, cold and content
You lay beside me, your object of interest
I think of things gone and what never came to pass
Together we pass through life bankrupt
From the darkness, I feel your touch


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