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My momma always did say those bradford pears, Smelled like the dead, Somethin’ ‘bout a southern curse.   Ain’t nothin’ lonelier bein’ inside these pine walls,
The hate. It rages; burns my shackles to reality until I am no longer bound.   So I whither and shrink and hide, like an arachnid,
There’s a bar in the mojave desert. Most don't know how to get there, Only hearing the mutters of instructions from drunken strangers, But they all have same eyes,
 The Mourning Dove 
I stand on the edge of a cliff the roar of the waves beneath me and stare into the night sky it is raining now I scream into the void all of the pain of the past I give it up to the ocean and sky
Upon her cold pallid cheek, Death laid a final kiss. A parting gift life could never give.
Sleep, that place where fantasies keep & time repeats merged between the seams of sheets where some nightmares creep at the beat of consciousness in deep. Sleep.
When she was a little girl Without her cloak Without her crimson-red shield She was innocent, full of light, full of life  
The Children of Never Light the more I see through open eyes, fools come my way with alibis playing the game of chance with mankind; I touch a shattered sky with a broken heart,
blades, whips, sword & cross sought after twilight sun has tainted my inner vision to reach the populace
When you see me reaching down, With a needful talon in clear distress, Today my talents seem faint, so impotent, From my beak croaks a mournful sound.   In the garden you'll find this raven,
It started early today with her ear-splitting nagging Her purpose is to obey me, so I retaliated with slapping Jabbing with a screwdriver she miserably misses
Poisonous cries, Candle light dies, School girls gather On the run~away. Black eyes die, Too sad to cry, Four boys run astray.           Wrinkling, wrinkling Aftermath.
If I tread this road alone,
Origin (Innocence of the Past)
Throat ripped clean Jagged fangs go open Eyes widen gleam Blood flows free Throat cut through Pulse times two Fangs sink deep  Drink into sleep
To what do my eyes see When tey are closed? A all to familar future woe Of past and present fea   Where the raven flies nevermore Where the pictures steal our age
Long black nails, Black shirts, black pants, Right on me, Black makeup and dark hair cover my face My appearance, my soul, all of me   When I walk in the streets people stare,
There has always been something special about October About Halloween About the Addams Family and their sadistic values There's something about the moon at night
Rip out the seams Unravel the thread Cut open the ties We'll draw with the red   Scream until sore And voices are spent Fall to the floor And Bleed until dead
Amidst gothic bewitchery and roaring seascape, I delve into the cryptic conscience of primal instinct, shadows sprawled behind, mouth agape, Of trivial human things I could hardly think.
When shadows come forth with life, as day turns to night. The secrets of our hearts are brought forth into site. We seek our keys, those that let us lock it all away.
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