United States
41° 29' 24.3672" N, 71° 18' 46.1844" W

Amidst gothic bewitchery and roaring seascape,
I delve into the cryptic conscience of primal instinct,
shadows sprawled behind, mouth agape,
Of trivial human things I could hardly think.

Mirrored moons in eye-light shine,
As the night, I claimed as mine.
See me not for the woman I’ve been
But for the creature, the beast within,
For this lunar madness creeps in at last
As I howl away my troubled past.

Blood upon blood, I hunt redemption in vain
Growling, snarling, cursing in a rage unknown.
Hours passed, I whimper and swallow voiced pain,
Retreating to the jagged cliffs to suffer alone.


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