The last thing I heard

It started early today with her ear-splitting nagging

Her purpose is to obey me, so I retaliated with slapping

Jabbing with a screwdriver she miserably misses

It pisses me off to think she would this


I told her I loved her then stabbed my wife back

Again and again keeping my weapon intact

I can feel her flesh ripping open

Becoming drenched in her blood and tears

My sanity has broken

Then slowly... a smile, approaches my face

Stretching from ear to ear


[There's tiny popping from the friction of the screwdriver piercing into her muscle tissue.

It gives me the most satisfying goosebumps but this screwdriver has become an issue]

‘It isn't good enough,’’ I thought.

[Picking up an old jagged knife, I slashed her open]


She wailed, oh she shrieked

I didn’t care, I had to do it.

Remember the strong must punish the weak

The noise began to die out…

I’ve become drenched

It seemed to me she was only acting.

Obviously I began gashing and slashing till her skull began cracking

“The noise was finally over!” I yelled, then I dropped my weapon



Tonight I am truly a satisfied widow

I peacefully lay my head on my blood-stained pillow

Its finally quiet

Although my wife is still here sitting near my bed

She's beautiful still, even while she's dead

No, she’s even more wonderful now she's quiet

There's no pain in my head and everything is silent

I didn’t want her buried, instead I kept her close

Now we live miles away, far from everyone we know.

We’re here now six hours later

Our fate is sealed a new life awaits

Yes I killed her but im not to blame

It was her who contrived me insane

I'm not ashamed only aware.

No one can know what sits on my bedroom chair.

It's morning now

My wife and I are having breakfast and a chat

Although she’s dead, there's nothing wrong with that

We spent the day together till the afternoon at 4

Alas I cannot chat anymore I have to work 10 after 4

I gathered my things and head out the door


Upon my night at work it seemed as though my co-workers were mocking me

Not to my face, only behind my back

When I turned around i could see everything was ordinary

The voices continued...

It’s impossible to focus I swear it! I feel like i'm going crazy

I cannot bear it, nor let it faze me!

Now my body has weakened and my vision grows hazy


I dashed to the restroom to conceal myself and hide

In the dark... their tiny voices amplified.

They sound loud, annoying, all at once multiplied.

I'm trying so hard to keep everything inside.

Im almost sure there’s someone there causing such familiar noises,

No, it must be my imagination overshadowing me with it’s poison

You know that familiar fight or flight instinct that creates a sickening flutter in your heart

The feeling kicks in because if you’re smart, you’d notice

Whether or not you want to admit it, you’re defenseless.

And it’ll tear you apart


So I had but one choice but to snag some old pliers

However to continue, a deep breath is required

Now I reach inside with anticipating desire

To rip out my eardrums with the needle-nosed pliers


I began with my right ear I can feel the tool’s cold metal

Slowly i'm tearing out everything that is no longer needed

Even punchering a few blood vessels

Until my hearing is gone my work is not yet completed

I caught a glimpse of flesh is splashing into the sink

Finally a huge cluster of what I think is my eardrum

I ripped it from my ear and my whole right side became numb


Ending with the left

The last thing I heard was the insides of my ear hitting the floor

Then I snap my fingers beside my ear

To make sure there was nothing else I could hear anymore.


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