My Gothic Life

Long black nails,

Black shirts, black pants,

Right on me,

Black makeup and dark hair cover my face

My appearance, my soul, all of me


When I walk in the streets people stare,

 They act as if I’m a disease, they don’t know me

My eyes half covered by my hair,

I ignore them, I am beautiful no matter what people think

 I love myself


Being unique is how I love to be

Dark metal, dark sounds

They all comfort me,

And I am happy


My arms decorated by gloves,

They hide the deepest secrets,

My room, full of blackness and no words

The sun never sees inside,

I love the dark environment,

It’s the place that as a child I would always hide,


But not no more,

 I am like a tulip,

Opening, seeing the sun after a long sleep,

Tired of being captive

My emotions injured me too deep,

I am happy


As the moon rises, my inner girl plays a fool out of me

I have dreams and goals, they keep me living

My future, my hope, my family and friends

They are all worth dreaming

I am happy


Unlike regular girls I know, my favorite hobbies are not the same

Shopping at the mall, nails, shoes, and purses do not concern me

Dark black hair, black lipstick, and dark eyeliner are what captures me,

My favorite places to be are quiet, calm, and simple like cemeteries

I am happy


Even if I wear all black, even if I have different tastes

I am different but as normal as everyone else

Black everything covers me, but my soul is bright

I am happy being me

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