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Does anyone else feel like I feel? Like one minute my world is full of light and I have this fire under me that guarentees love, happiness, success
The nicest girl in school,  Laughs at all your jokes. Has a perfect family, A home to call her own.   When she is in bed,  She cries herself to sleep.   The shyest guy around,
I waited up for for you. No answer  But it's cool.   I needed you. To show me you were here show me that you care  Show me that everyone gets busy sometimes so there's no reason for me to start 
Able to breath Once again Like calluses gone soft Roses in bloom Stars shining With a Fresh breeze Baby's laughing Cheerful smiles Painful Laughter Hair that flows
Up and down that's just the way it goes Some days you're high then others you're low Life will be great no matter what path you chose Just remember that somedays you will win and some you will lose
I thought I knew you And yet I feel distant Like if the past years we have know Are all a blur Was there really a connection? I’m not sure.
It’s the moment you look at them. Every single time your eyes meet, You know in your heart, there, that’s were you want to be.   
The cold is numbing. Like morphine it trickles through my bones. It seeps into my fingers and it grips my balls. It kisses me like an abusive lover after the beating. The cold is comforting.  
When the music stops, and the applause begins The feeling in your heart is like no other A feeling of relief yet sadness Sad that it’s all over
Windows down Engine's going Music drowns the sounds of the roadside roaring Leaving town Songs are flowing Music drowns the sounds of those left snoring Melodic cloud Alive and soaring
Long drives with my friends Seems like the fun will never end No, we don't have a destination Nor do we have any motivation We just want to be together Have some fun and live forever
And his skinny fingers trailed across the canvas, painted the love we once had.
Once she was yours..., She had lost, she had cried, She do care, she do trust, She was tired, she was trying, Everytime,Everyday....,
We have seen this countless times before We fall for those who will never reciprocate The feelings we have and show Though we may care that much for someone
I feel emptyDeep down in my soulI hope with you next to meWe can fill this holeMaybe fight off some demonsFree me from myselfLay next to meHelp me find my true selfBut then you'll leave
Scared of what? I can’t say I got to go, have to getaway Heart begins to thump, to race wild Feeling frightened, alike a child Breathing quickens, I want it to slow, get back in control
When I look into your eyes
Sweetly it falls Starlight cascades
I stay in cruise control and I'm starting to feel you more I've lost my mind and but I'm still here You were the part of me that left and I can never find you Every time I hear your name I just can't happen but to drink
You used to be the sunshineWho gives me hope at nightYou used to be the sunshineFor, I will always fight
The void
That’s what I am.
What do my demons look like?   Beautiful, appealing on the outside, they tempt even saints. They steer off the path those who have the smallest complaints.   Finding these small holes in faith
 It was all getting better, everything was going away.   But they all came back to taunt me, kept me awake at night.   I always wondered who I was.  The things I see, I wont always be able to keep them inside of me.
Special feeling you give me. Calling me beautiful Making me feel confident.   Special feeling you give me. You speak the truth And never told me false lies.   Special feeling you give me.
Warm scents fill the air Fall is here, thanksgiving is near But first kids dress up and play And in search of candy, hunt the night away The leaves are falling and the air is sweet
Again my chest mutilated by fear Searching and searching but falling again This never ending cycle of despair Can you feel that? The nostalgia drowning me The tears start to flow again
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