We have seen this countless times before

We fall for those who will never reciprocate

The feelings we have and show

Though we may care that much for someone

Their lives are happy already

In their content they forget or don't know

The feelings we feel for them are the only

Happy feelings we will ever have

Because we search for the happy people

In our lives we are constantly let down

When they say they don't need anyone else

Starting the callous and never ending cycle

In the pursuit of happiness

When we realize we can never have any

Content with life we settle for the sad ones

The then dejected relationships we have

Give us both a poor emotional state still

We need someone who will help guide us

The positivity and happiness in life

Spending time with those who are sad

Only limits our potential for happiness

Will we ever find happiness through someone

Never will we find happiness in another

We have to pursue this light on our terms

Find love not in another but in ourselves

They who are content in life forever

Will not help those of us who are sad

Not out of pity will we recover

Through some smile and laugh

We will realize there is more to life than



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