When I Look Into Your Eyes

When I look into your eyes
All I see is a reflection,
The glimmering reflection of 
The beauty that you see.

I’m mesmerized by their shine
As the dandelion seeds float
In the wind from your lips,
which curve upward in delight. 
I cherish the sight of
The innocent joy that 
You finally allowed to thaw
The frozen sadness in your lashes.
I hold it so dear because it 
Proves that my attempts to give you
The joy you deserve
The love you’ve earned
The peace you seek
Have not been in vain.
Perhaps one day
The message I’ve been sending since
The day you told me
You're not adequate
You’re not worth it
You don’t deserve it
Will finally hit home
And you will realize
That you’re wrong!
All my love and more you deserve
All my pride and more you’ve earned
All my life and time I’ll give
Until you find something better.
And I won’t fight it
Not even a little bit
Because if it means those irises
Will glow all the more with someone else
Then you have my blessing
Lest he break your heart.

But when I look into your eyes
There is something else I see
The dull residue of your tears
Still in the corners, lingering.

I am pained by the colors they take,
The puffy red to the watery pink.
You try to hide it and make me think
That the feelings go away with a blink.
But even if you remove the tears,
I feel the hurt that lingers there
Behind those eyes that see the dark
And feel the death from loneliness and rejection.
I feel it it because I know them too,
Those painful red eyes that come from
Too much experience in
The Godless roads of life
That we felt forced to travel alone.
But ever since you came into my life,
I haven’t been alone, rather not.
You’ve given me a goal, a new motivation
To find you in the darkness and set you free.
I’ve been down here for quite some time,
Perhaps just as long as you,
But after I bumped into you once by chance
I couldn’t imagine another step without you.
I can’t let my life come to an end
Without knowing that you are safe.
You gave me motivation and desire to live
So that you might see the light again.
And when I succeed I know it will be grand
Because eyes born in the dark shine the brightest.
So if you need a hand I’ll forever be there:
If you fall back, I’ll be behind you to push you forward;
If you trip and fall, I’ll be beside you to catch you;
If you grow weary, I’ll be in front of you to carry you.
Even when you can’t see me, know I’m nearby,
Protecting you from whatever I can.
And even through some trials you’ll face on your own,
When you feel defeated and lose your will,
Look into your heart and there I’ll be,
And you can take some strength from me.
Don’t worry about taking from me
Because my strength actually came from you.

One day I’ll look into your eyes,
All the insecurity will fade away.
Your joy will be genuine and omnipresent,
And your lenses and lashes will glossy.

Even if I’m not there by your side
And so lose my purpose for living,
The project of your happiness will be my pride
And your smile, my thanks for giving.

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