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Got your hand stuck in the vending machine because you wont let go When I come at you with a hacksaw you say OH GOD NO It's for your own good Would you like to scream about your hand or the fire? I can clearly see your answer is no And I'm
I noticed you, Walk with her this morning, Hand in hand She’s very pretty, Match your own beauty Who is she?   Is she the last person you think, Before you go to sleep?
From afar I saw it, Flying with its gorgeous wings Among the flowers But when I touch it, It flew away   The butterfly is just like you,
You call her Mini Spelt M-I-N-I She’s The tallest of the bunch While you’re the shortest She sees right over you You see right through her
My friend is suffering from a broken heart And sometimes she doesn’t let it show But I can see it when no one else looks Or maybe she hides in plain sight
The same song Sung by people who wouldn't want you To hate yourself The same song Sung by people who wouldn't want you To hurt yourself
Somebody yells Glass hurls into a wall Hands draw up; a half-hearted attempt at a protection that shouldn't be needed.
Harsh winds blowing through the air, Freezing you with every step you take. The sun was nowhere to be found; That even a detective could not find it.   Many people shopping in stores,
How can I understand what you say behind the lines of those silent words of exclamations? How can I understand what you are trying to say when I cannot hear your voice, don't pick my calls...because you were busy.
Smile please... Really, to say the truth I don't know what to write.. I'm not a great person like you to impress... I hope there is no gifts for you, other than my few words in this four papers...
we are born alone we live alone   we are nothing we are just a gang   a gang of lonely hearts are we we may be happy now   we show no care for those who care  
It all started one day after a haircut.
You are the one, You are the best, You are amazing, And here's the rest; Why settle for less When you could have the world?
Stayed up and studied all night, third week in a row. Patiently waiting for my test grade, athough i already know. Straigth A student since grade school, Nobody's better than me 
Sometimes days are bad. Then I think about grilled cheese Grilled cheese is awesome.  
They say the earth spins around the sun but thats a lie, the world revolves around me even though i dont try, I am the best and will be even after i die, even the pope thinks im super fly   
She has a heart of gold, where ever she’s taken Walk the halls of memories for brighter days. Her smile is once-in-a lifetime, her eyes are one-in-a million
I'm happier than a bird singing a song. It's all because of you, mom. You bring me from my darkest moments and make me happier than a bird singing a song. My only wish is for you to continue being the same.
How could one shirt Be different from another? A name Can change the game, my naive brotha .   How could my pants Bring me such shame? An extra sharp design
High School was  The best of times... and the worst of times.
I slowly reveal myself- The thick molasses starts to thin- I look to them- I expect Judgment. They just look at me with listening eyes- And that's when I know. I am Free.
I sit here in this classroom thinking about what I could do                                                        if I would do,
  Your brown eyes made me shake, as I approached. Your laugh touched my heart, as we connected. Your smile shook my soul, as we danced together. When we connect again, smiles creep up.
They tell us the truth will set you free, So you should hear the truth from me, That student sitting in the first row, Who always seems to look and know, So brace yourself, Get ready dear,
I look in the mirror and see many faces.I see the face of a seventeen year old girl,Shoulder length brown hair and circles under her eyes.Wipe off the mirror with your sleeve,and you’ll see something more.
Your favorite color is blueAnd all small things matter to you From the beauty withinThat rank a high ten To the smile outsideThat you should never hide
All intellectuals are atheists   it started when i parted home to downtown to sit down with an intellectual crowd for chow immediately i guessed which guest was the most proud
My dearest is a king; He is captivating He has a pure heart, just like a child so small His voice is magical; it falls sweet to my ears He takes me to a world without pain, suffering and fears
He constantly corrects me. He knows how to corrupt me. He never lets me sleep. While he's up all night talking to me.
Your smile is my sun, your eyes- my entire world. I could only stand back and watch, as everything unfurled.
Sweater vest You are the best You keep my arms cool While warming my chest
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