Number One

You call her Mini

Spelt M-I-N-I

She’s The tallest of the bunch

While you’re the shortest

She sees right over you

You see right through her

It’s an equal exchange

Established at the beginning

Of the forest fire you started

Seven years ago

She’s like royalty

Submitting you to her court

With a flash of her long blonde hair

That captures you

By seeping into your eye sockets

And making you blind

To the rest of the world

And tunneling your vision

So she’s the only thing you see

It makes you feel better

But only when she’s around

And when she is

She’s got the baggage you’d expect

A dick from a forever forgotten loser

Is all she can think about

While all that she needs

Is everything she’s running from

She could fill your bloodstream

With all the tears she has shed

You’ve never seen them, true

But you know how much they burn

Almost as much as the flames in her fingers

Her fuel is just as effective

As the right hook of a midwestern soccer mom

It throws you out the window

Just as hard as you hurt yourself

Her fuel heals you sweeter

Than a hive full of honey

Even if it’s only over text

Of all the four times she’s seen you

You’ll never forget the first

And the widening of her starlight eyes

All at once you were assured

She’s number one for a reason


This poem is about: 
My family


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