Everyday in the life of a student

I sit here in this classroom thinking about what I could do

                                                       if I would do,

something, in order to get you out my head, the distractions that I seek to gain clearance to only a figment of my imagination, which is FUN.


         YES, FUN!

Fun in this place called school no one knows because we're always stuck in this "book" called no child left behind, which is written by the government that does nothing to differenciate....

               No, no one is stupid just different, in the way they learn or grasp things ,and gifted, yes, definitely gifted in other things more important in their minds where they're more important as individuals.

                    Until we learn that this is no help I'm stuck in this corner fighting off this demon called fun.

I drift off in the sea of fun for a second with waves of voices saying "remember to slant" ...but FACES DOWN NO TALKING in this hell hole I used to love, called school.


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