My friend is suffering from

My friend is suffering from a broken heart

And sometimes she doesn’t let it show

But I can see it when no one else looks

Or maybe she hides in plain sight

Her smiles don’t really last that long anymore

And when she laughs her eyes don’t crinkle at the ends

I wish I could tell her everything is okay

But I know better

It’s ragged pain, not straightforward

It will last forever and then fade into pains

He’s a phantom to her now

And it will always hurt

My friend cries at night when no one can ever hear

And anytime she thinks that it’s about her

She changes the subject

She’s like an upside down chess board

She moves herself but never her pieces

Her hands shake a little now like mine

And she doesn’t seem so young anymore

She holds my hand when she knows I’m scared

But never holds it when she is

My friend doesn’t know what to do with negative feelings

So sometimes they fold into herself like cards

Christ last night I know she called because she wanted to make sure

I was alive but hearing her voice made me

Miss her like summer days and crystal rocks

My friend is suffering from herself

She’s too prideful to admit it

Or maybe she doesn’t know that she is

She does things quickly like she doesn’t know when

She’ll have time to live

She does things that she doesn’t love

Because she’s good at it

She has the world on her shoulder but never -

Lets anyone else carry it

My friend is someone I hope to always have

She doesn’t cry often

But when she does it means something

She believes in actions but also words

And is great at both

My friend suffers from a broken heart 

Because of those who wish to rule it.

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