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Some of you have never had to Walk home with your head on a swivel Your hands clutching keys Your head filled with fear Some of you Have never had to wonder If you’ll make it home in one piece
1. Silent. Keep walking. This is not worth my attention. - 2. I don't have the energy for this. If you're gonna try something, just do it, or leave me alone. -
All the same sides of the same coin. "Privacy privacy!" In an intricate web weaved by the shadow spiders. "We value it! Protect it! Embrace it!" Yet the illusion of even typing these words are not so very private.
All my life I’ve been around Niggas who think they can take something  From me My skin Rips at the sight of them Their teeth
When she cancels the plans you made together It means she’s busy. When she cancels the following four plans you make It means no. When you change seats in class to sit next to her to make yet another plan
Common Pain   The young woman traumatized The events that guided taught her lessons about life Rich in memories and lessons, while others are broke
I’m angry, Because I am sexualized.   You pretend to be a good guy, But you only look at my body, My “BEAUTY.”  
Thou who weeps their tears to form a river of torment, Art thou who know they can live through everything. Thee who shook hands with the demons who lye dormant,   While sinister grins from above emit subtle rings.
Ate my words,I'd lost them.It was the boy who wastoo lanky,too  small,too   young,too    pureand probably too much the theatre teacher's sonto harass me.
My heart moves like a battalion riding into battle I can feel every one of my muscles yelling at me Like the other side of a frozen lake, coy fish straining in the water
I meant no disrespect I never did, but I am not to be held accountable for what you think I meant. If I say we are allowing ourselves to be victimized it is not as bad as you think,
When I was a little girl My mother taught me That my value does not lie in the face of the men who have wronged me But as I grew older
A child of ten years, And a invisible puppeteer, Stumbled upon each other in a forum.   They grew closer and closer, But little did the child know, They would break their heart.  
The Internet is the Wild West and it should be monitored, And users do not need to waste time and energy.   One day, I joined a chatroom discussion and encountered Trolls to get me riled up.  
Powering my rage - I am walking down the street, Summer evening light, Still warm Dozy, disgusting, disheveled From the day and the drive, And I hear THE COMMENT.  
Nobody goes out asking for it.   When I walk out,I am a statementnot be ignoredbut not be taken advantage of.  
I saw you Don't pretend like you didn't notice We made eye contact You swallowed I watched your Adam's apple rise and fall As nervousness formed pools over your pupils
Jumping from my car I grab at stuff spilling away from my grasp And I do my best to avoid the unmake-upped gaze That undoubtedly would appear in the rearview   In a half jog I pass a middle-aged man
"You see I'm different," She said, "because I'm just like the rest   As I walked down the street They yell and they holler Even as I turn and hide my breasts   At the bank she said
The words of people have this cruel effect of getting under our skin, applied on the outside they are allowed to soak through. With the power to both heal and hurt they race through our blood,
Life is not a poem. Any irony, foreshadowing, or rhyme scheme is accidental. You can’t read out my life in neat little stanzas and peal back the meanings one by one.
Dear boy with the alluring smile, Thank you for taking away my trust once again:  
I hide who I am from most everyone today I was bullied and harassed back in the day It taught me to sit back quietly and assess Don't allow anyone in or else it causes stress
You're not the determination of myself worth
When it really comes to it, I look away in the hallway.
In a miniskirt and tank top She walks down the street Head down, earbuds in, music off, cell phone in hand "Give me a smile sexy" "Come have dinner with me and I'll help you out of those clothes"
Walking home from the grocery store with two heavy bags, one in each arm to balance the weight. A man blocking the sidewalk whisky on his breath and blurry eyes “What have you got there?”
It's Just a Compliment By Marielle Eaton         “It’s just a compliment”                         just                                     just                                                 just
How many cuts and bruises authority figures can ignore For the sake of pretending so it's not on their shoulders; Denying a problem that's clearly there with phrases to cover, such as: Toughen up, don't tattle.
I once told him that it was okay, I’ve been called worse.
 Truth is, I hadn’t.
 And when he hugged me and apologized
"It's a girl's own fault if she gets sexually harassed!" The voice smirked, to the undiscovered victim.   Was it what she wore? Was it what she said? Was it how she walked or where she went?  
To my parents, A hidden secret awaits, Please don’t hate me for this, It’s not a choice. To my friends, The hidden secret is out, and I’m accepted by most, You choose to shun me.
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