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It was 5 am and  Blue slits of light fell into the room  while i stared up at the moon.  I took deep breaths and was overwhelmed by happiness but i began to cry because i felt so
I miss the mystery that you once were When there was so much still left to uncover I miss first realising the bond we had A connection unlike any other
I wake up to another day, A smile on my face, the pain locked deep inside, Where I know that it is safe, I see everyone around me, They all look so happy, I'm trapped inside my head,
A child sleeps in peace tonight, snuggled warmly under layers of blue blankets, smiling serenely as dreams flutter gracefully across his angelic face.
There's a saying around, saying ignorance is bliss, I didn't know he would hurt me, so ignorance has a twist; A twisted plot to come and kill me and to leave me with a kiss,
My dreams are dark, My moods are depressing. I feel so distressed amidst all of this, I feel haunted when I lay to bed, I feel disturbed when I'm wide awake, No peace for me on both ends,
Street lamps and the last train speeding through ringing its arupt and startling bell "clear the way" it says to an empty road The night is dead
there is a storm brewing, slowly like herbal tea, deep inside my ribcage.   the kiss of rain dominates my body, filling lungs with oceans of searing saltwater tears.  
Have you ever been scared? Felt like the blood in your body just stopped moving, Stopped circulating, make you believe you’re dead Like if you tried to step forward your leg would break on impact.
So when you're finished with me, Will I be disposed like an old wash towel? Torn, worn, and rough on the corners. Loose threading and loose ends. Am I no longer worthy to clean up your mess?
Hi I see your confusion and Your delusions Your tears, falling, falling Without reason I see your smile, overwhelming your face Don't hide, find me, let's embrace You write the words 
Poetry, poetry, poetry. You are far different from a tale. You are the only thing stopping me from telling this world "Farewell". Although I typically talk to very few,  you my friend, have made me anew.
Dear Cancer,   You’ve made me grieve You still make me cry I’ve shed tears into my pillow at night till’ my eyes were puffy and burnt out
I am but a puppet on strings. I wonder if I was but the mistake or the gift. I see my mother’s long-lost hopes and dreams. I hear her cries of madness and pain. I want to give back all that she deserves,
I'd say I've missed you, but that's a lie. But that doesn't matter, cause you'll always be with me.   I haven't thought about you in a while now.
Dear my 7 year old self,   I’m sorry that no one came to your rescue when you needed it most, That no one could better prepare you for polite church parties and family gatherings
Dear George... Today I had to listen to the words. "I'm sorry but we can't prove it beyond reasonable doubt."
Dear Grandpa, I remember your voice Comforting and clear The last phone call Sing for Me I hear  
Step one: High five Step two: Lock the thumbs Step three: Slide hands so they're facing each other Step four: Make a two fingered gun Step five: Bang
Excitement! Pure, genuine, no other word for it- Excitement, Powerful and all-consuming joy.   When eyes were wondrously wide and smiles idly innocent, Just thinking about it brought delightful ideas,
The sweet, pure tone Turns to sorrow Painful emotions Are expressed Crying out
At first, I thought I was a simple person that lived a simple life School hasn't been it's usual as weeks go by It's different, I was different My artistic skills have been lacking, because of fear Stress
Sometimes it’s like rain. It collects in the sky, with dark clouds gathering, Looming above you. You notice it, acknowledge it And feel it when it comes,
Outrunnable, inescapable, indestructible, always listening, waiting, maybe even hoping, for a reason to be sad.   The lump in my throat, it won't go away, it's in me,
Feel the cold against your skin, The want of something warm to burrow in, Today wasn’t a good day, was it?   I know you want to hide,
I miss you. I never wanted to admit that, But I really miss you. You never told me the password for the PS4 And your Sly Cooper icon is Iconic. Heh, get it?
I’m alone, In the dark, In the silence, In the void Just me, old memories Bad memories of moments of Humiliation, weakness, cowardice, meekness Moments of regret to regret Moments to forget but I can’t
The things I fear aren’t always as tangible as death  or the loss of the ones I love. Sometimes I fear loneliness and simplicity Things staying still.   From the words I devour 
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