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"what is the thing your are most afraid of?" i ask  the pigs look at me and a river falls from their eyes "life" they answered before my next question asking them "why?"
The only good reason for self deprecation is in changing one’s character for the good of the nation The wicked seeds of the past are sown into the soil of the future Tying us to evil,
I was born into this world by parents and adopted by you You didn’t have to adopt me, but you wanted to keep me I wanted to be your pet, love and devoted to you it’s true
  There are millions of voices that are silenced
I am more than a genetically modified organismThat was constructed for scientific research. 
Hi my name is well I don't know I've never had a home been in a cage since I was born
In our early schooling years we were taught to share; The Montessori way. Parents at home continue the route of compassion “Share your juice with your sister,” mother said while standing at the picnic table.
I've yet to see the light of day. "Animals don't feel", they always say. I grew up, not loved and overfed. Just so my meat can be placed between two slices of bread.   What did I do to deserve this,
We survive in a world of consumption No compassion for the surrounding How can we agree that we even live
Why is it that we assume that only humans are destined for greatness, That only we are allowed to live freely and love freely
hidden behind Bars
We as humans go about our day, simply living our lives
Innocence lies in all that lives,
"I stand before this great and wonderful creature. His powerful muscles quiver under his sleek and shining coat. He tosses his head, his mane flowing like waves in the ocean. Large brown eyes stare back at me, into my heart.
Would you like a sweet bowl of Caesar salad with your murder? I mean, your filet mignon, ma'am What the hell are you looking at, Little Missus Banker's Wife?
Your genetically modified existence Can barely stand upright. Your beak is absent, Your feathers are fake, Your wings don't work. You are not a life,
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