stop animal cruelty

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    Freedom has expired Onto the road of depravity  Also known as captivity    Tortured when still alive Watching others scared for their life I’ve travelled for miles
Master, I wonder why do you beat me so. What have I done to deserve this pain. Is it because my name is Pitbull
Sad eyes,  black skies. All these lies,  I just want to die. It's sickening, you abuse me for entertaining, all my energy is draining. It's raining, please let me in,
Watching you, watching you abuse me. Sad eyes, asking why? What have I done? I have just been loyal to you, you take me for granted. You use me,  while I thought you loved me.
I was born into this world by parents and adopted by you You didn’t have to adopt me, but you wanted to keep me I wanted to be your pet, love and devoted to you it’s true
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