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It Seems That People Are Now Thinking... Exactly... “ Which One Is It ?”.... An Epidemic... Pandemic.... Or Is This A... ...... “ PLANNED-demic’ ?!? “......
Conspiracy ... ??? Theory ... ??? Or .... REALITY ... ?!? This Is A Dilemma ... That Needs CLARITY ... !!!
Have you ever heard of Nikola Tesla His brain was super large But, when your that smart  You threaten those in charge   He had many inventions That would make your mind bend
It’s something nobody can really expect She could be going to the grocery Before climbing into her car, should have checked Who could blame her for not thinking to see  
Truth What is it to you? Facts? What is that? How- would you KNOW? You've been TOLD since birth that what is taught is TRUTH but who's to say? It could in fact, be false.
Each breathe is just another inhalation of these gas like fumes distributed to toy with the mind of the young.
Mind this matter, of mind over matter, to my mind that doesnt matter, in a state of mind unsure of the matter, between reality and insanity. Insane, you are, Insanely you're too insane, insane to insanley admit you're insane.
calling for help in a world unseen if there was anyone to be id like to be me what if this world was a dream just when it starts getting good they suck you back to the 'real world'
 am smart and ignorant I wonder why the government is so corrupt I hear the sound of debt knocking at my front door I see pre meditated terror crashing toward america 
Born to be one of you Programed to act as you do Civilized by your instruction To bring on self destruction I have no rights I have no voice There is no freedom There is no choice
“Your parents make too much money”, the government states and that’s the first thing wrong with financial aid My parents make enough money to survive and pay bills but I’m not a rich kid who can pay so let’s be real
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