One of the many things wrong with financial aid


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“Your parents make too much money”, the government states and that’s the first thing wrong with financial aid
My parents make enough money to survive and pay bills but I’m not a rich kid who can pay so let’s be real
I live on my own but I’m under 24 and that’s the reason financial aid won’t open the door,
I want to go to school and do better for myself but how am I supposed to get there without the governments help
“For the people, by the people” that’s what we claim and you want me to take out a loan? Two words: No way
So I fill out scholarships and help myself and self-sufficiency is what I know so I don’t need no help
I don’t need any government I will make it on my own
I know need any Pell grant I will take out a loan
And at the end of the day when I’m done writing all this racket,
I will graduate college and successfully be in another tax bracket.


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