i am poem

 am smart and ignorant 
I wonder why the government is so corrupt 
I hear the sound of debt knocking at my front door 
I see pre meditated terror crashing toward america 
I want to live to see the day all things go to shit 
I am smart and act ignorant

I pretend im gonna get far in life 
I feel crumbling down to my feet 
I touch minds of people everyday 
I worry that my children will never be able to use real money 
I cry when I see my beautiful country and its beautiful people destroyed 
I am act smart am ignorant.

I understand things will never be the same 
I say that we were all meant to collapse eventually 
I dream that this is all dream 
I try to get people to open their minds 
I hope things change for all but the evil 
I am not smart or ignorant.


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