The Propaganda

Born to be one of you
Programed to act as you do
Civilized by your instruction
To bring on self destruction
I have no rights
I have no voice
There is no freedom
There is no choice
Lies have developed society
And brought down civil liberties
Accepted without question
Our leadership has brought upon corruption
The crime is power
The motive is hate
The plan is war
For which we all instigate
Danger is the weapon
False Security is their control
Expectations are as follows:
Do as you are told
In this army we stand
Unwillingly waiting command
No longer are we free
In the freedom land
We are ruled
Yet, by one man
For we are many
Together we are strong
How do you not see
That this is wrong?
Vindictive and traitorous
Diminished our rights as humans
We have sought the wrong conclusions

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