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There was a gap wide open where she stood

Watching the world ice over a square inch at a time

Or maybe it was fire, crawling towards her..

Same difference she coldly thought

Unknowing, the gash that had reached across her cheek

Deep red blood fell in slow motion… like bouncing molecules… platlets..

This could be all that we have, she cried to the man beside her

The price to pay…. It be vanity or the fight for freedom?

That was all that there was left since she had not yet understood what could lie above. Below, and beyond  her

In the mind’s eye, the eye of spirit, the eye of justice, eye of the beholder…

The damned eye and the pyramid on our green spending paper….eye for an eye….

Redux to the matrix… She had it all planned… She heard the soundtrack of her life

Could it be that if she jumped off of the edge of the earth that she would fly?

“This is my life…!  My everything, and it is all freezing and burning faster than lightening towards me… “ The man gave her a look of reason… A look of pain and suffering…

And finally, he gave her a look of reassurance that it was not in fact over when it seemed to be… It is just another chapter in another book.. A different road.. Together they walked onward… perhaps, in a different universe… A parallel one where they were not the sad ones.. They were happy in that moment and a tiny flicker of apocalyptic war bombs slipped in her peripheral.. Hmmm. Strange daydream she supposed.. And on he and she went… and never knew of what had been of them before…

~Danielle Wilde




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