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Monsters I call them Abducting our loved ones Hunting with no remorse Breaking their spirit.
The love I have I can't control When you smile My heart loses it all   I pretend not to see but I am fully aware the little signs you give I try avoiding to stare  
The people we lost with memories we shared,  all had a meaning in life to bare   As we passed through toil and the gales of storms We held each other close without letting go  
I was born 4/20/1969 I made my mother moan as I slide right out of her meat pocket. She was the first women I would ever make moan. I lived a simple life besides my massive fucking peen.
So called decisionOr is it masked as speculationRoll that dice settle upon At the mercy of a single reactionYou opposing youOn the other side of the coinIt’s brainwork against upshotSome say wisdom others sayA stroke of luckBut I rest assured It’s
When i was stumbling in the dark,confused and crying out for help, this friendly fellow seemed amused:   And while i fought like anything  to keep the candle lit he cheerfully reviewed
Questions in my mind Floating inside without any answer, I am mum right now Got nowhere to go Darkness surrounding No chance of light Vivid vision Nonetheless I am firm. Firm but clueless
Spend ten hunnid on a bitcoin I lost all my money in bitcoin I made it back but a what cost My wife left me...
I'm the shit I'm fartin', I don't know how to potty
history repets for years girls didint get to do anything it repets you now why women havent got to vote men have said things like you cant do that or this its upseting boys think they can do anything and theres alot of things that girls  can tdo t
A story about, A girl who was bullied most of her Young Life. Sexuality harshments always made her feel strife. Just kept her head down and walked away, Shedding tears and pain that she locked away,
Dear young black women you are strong, dear young black women you are not alone
They say I’m hopeless But I think I’m hopeful They say I’m empty But empty got nothing And I got something
Why? I ask Just why don’t you get it? You can’t just walk around And act like you don’t treat me like shit.   All the lies you told me
I’m also human, not a bedpan I deserve to be adorned with pearl not merles I’m a girl, a skirl I am not ment for kitchen because I’m not a lichen, I am not meant only for the bedroom
A prey in predators territory Facing the storm of tragedy, With a lot of memories, Alone in the cave of the fasting Vampire. *
The lady of the first sun, Hesitates to let her first world down That’s all she relies on All her life she had dreamed of raising this world Her people look up to her, While she cares and provides her heat
Honestly, your flaws make me wonder...  if you truly love yourself ,  If you truly adore your design,    Deep down inside,  There’s a place you always hide , 
Common Pain   The young woman traumatized The events that guided taught her lessons about life Rich in memories and lessons, while others are broke
  You seek his attention   Oops! you were never mentioned   You were never worthy of his attention   You were a victim of his bad intention   He will never give his recognition
What do you believe in?Do you believe in the sky?Do you believe in the things that pass you by?Do you believe the answers they tell you, when you ask 'why'?Do you believe in truths or in lies?
Our perceptions are irrelevant we are aware that they are not important We are deceived that the world is making a change But I feel like these officers practice with my face in the gun range
Do My Pierecing Howls Make Your Ears Ring?,Am I Your Shooting Star In Your Night Blank Sky?,Am I The Wolf Howling At Your Full Moon,Im In Pieces!,Pieces,Pieces...,Can You Solve Me Like A Puzzel?,Or Am I Really That Stubborn?,You Decide My Future E
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They hated me for being someone else they hated me for being me. They told lies about me to the whole wide world, so a hoe is all that they see.
My Black is Missing.... Did you know My Black is Missing? Did you know that my young, black sistahs are missing? I don't think you understand me when I say you don't know. You've ignored it for so long...  
Dear Oppressor, I would like you to thank you.  Your mind may be orchestrating millions of ideas on why I would be saying thanks. Why would she thank her oppressor? Is she crazy?
A Jewel kept secure in the king's daughter's heart, will always be her shining star. Many men could never find out her password, because she never gave it out. Keep her word that she wouldn't be no man's fool.
Toss Toss.
Make me time and I will make it dine, Lend me your life to add to my dive, Rolling stones ate often not drones, Just like imaginations can never be dimensions.
You make me laugh when i want to cry. You make me smile , when I want to frown , You make me live when I want to die .You turn my life upside down believe in me when no one else does. You my is ,my now ,and my was .
Bring back our girls The ones we carried for nine painful months The ones that kept us up ‘til the morning sun rose clear into the morning
When I look at my reflection I see me My whole  - dark eyes like  a shimmering sea I see a girl when I look at me   When I look at the news
Do you see me? I do not need the sun. I like the night. Do you see them? They do not need the sun. They like the stars. One day when there is only night, I shall be the sun. I am the chosen one.
I am a muse in a room full of chaos. I am a wanderer in a world that has fallen and is completely lost. I am my own being surrounded by a vessel of nobodies. I feel so complete without the presence of unwanted company.
Life would beat to the shackles of sacks And shells of melancholy Tears that smear cheeks unending torment, A tears alone,a shower of cascade In the fragrance of agony And warmth of sorrow.
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  Missing Rib   Lover
In the light of the day they came Taking our girls into captivity Giving them a new name Damsels in distress No ransoms asked No reasons given Leaving us hollow With no choice but to follow
How can I focus How can I think of anything When all I want to do is think of you you you the feel of you in a t-shirt pressed against my chest Holding me close
How quickly we come to forget Those who do not sit with us Things that don't affect us For an instant we care Then we move on   It's been eight whole months... #BringBackOurGirls
I look at this little girl on my lap I've watched her sing, I've watched her nap, I've watched her grow from birth to now. I've watched her furrow her little brow. The greatest wish that I would make
i heard a child scream once, only once, and it was the sound of Algebra, the Cold War, global warming,   but also a mango seed scraping wood to etch grammar rules.  
A mother, crying A daughter, fighting We didn't do nothing wrong, now we're trapped Guns, and fighting Lying, crying We just want an education, not forever trapped  
never to return. flash backs holding her close dear god please bring her home she was taken into the valley of death please help her hold her breath let our memories keep her safe in these dark days
Tell me something 
I want to hear —   like
is still here 
in our world 
with that tigress grin 
an infectious echo 
of character and grace
Can anyone hear me?
BRING BACK OUR GIRLS Don't you hear them shouting Those were sisters you took A cold day in hell We still wouldn't let you off the hook My daddy is angry and my momma can't go to sleep
a quote- normally said by kids /w joy-meant 2 stike stress on sholders
Those girls are loved in each and every way Those girls are missed each and every day Those girls are stronger than any normal man Those girls are strong and they can surely withstand
A girl born with different parts than boys,
Sitting alone Surrounded by the deep depths of darkness Waiting for someone to come for me Scared of what's going to happen Thinking that this is the end of me Come and save me  
"No more school!" The children shout around me It's summer again at home   Time for relaxing  and reading  and friends  and fun.  
There is a mother out there. Of all colors. Black. White. Olive, tan, and pale. She is the one who loves you. Yet you still, act as if you wish she Were never there.
the motherland is crying we are longing for salvation we are yearning for the peace of God our security is broken the serenity is nowhere to be found what have we succumbed to?
Three hund
Bring  Back our girls We mourn. We shout We scream. Sometimes we wish.
Let my sisters go No they arent really my sisters But all women on this Earth are
If you had one wish, what would it be? Will it be based on reality or fantasy? If had one wish, it may be based on love
I am just a girl,  But give me a chance. Let me live in a world,  Filled with song and dance.  Let me soar with the eagles,  Let me run through the trees,  Let me embrace the beauty of all I can be. 
Sitting in class Watching the clock tick by I wonder what time the sun will set  What time the bus will pass If dinner is ready Will I have to run from the class bully The Clock Ticks by 
SKEEEERRRRTTT!!! The pull up in their trucks and on their motorcycles BANG! BANG!
There will be a girl. She will be the one, We’ve been waiting for. Words will fall out of her mouth And entrance a whole generation Her hands will stop battle And her feet will trample
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