How quickly we come to forget

Those who do not sit with us

Things that don't affect us

For an instant we care

Then we move on


It's been eight whole months...


These girls still aren't safe!

But this doesn't affect me,

Why should I care anymore

The popularity has faded.




This DOES affect YOU!

These students,

They could be your students

Your neighbors, YOUR children

It wouldn't be so short lived then ... Would it?


Imagine YOUR little girl. She just turned 13

"Finally an official teenager!" she says with sass

Her favorite birthday present, a dress she picked out

The party was a disco party with her friends


At school she is eager to learn,

History is her highest grade, but she likes writing the best

One day she goes to school, a little nervous because of a test

But then... she was gone.


People stole her and her classmates

What will happen to them?

You only hear whispers and horrors


You do everything in your power to help them, help HER.


and you'd pray that others would do the same

You'd reach out to larger organizations and get the word out on the internet

Maybe someone will care enough to help...




but we aren't them, so why should we do anything

there are more important matters at hand...

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