A girl

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 11:02 -- Emily H

A girl

born with different parts than boys,

but with a mind stronger than steel.

She is capable of doing great things

like being a doctor or leader of a nation

when she is given the tools to

make her own path.

When she is given a chance 

to sit in a classroom with books and teachers,

her mind will not be able to stop expanding.

She can make a great contribution to the world.


She is 

equal to man in every way

maybe even better at somethings.

However, she is chained and restrained,

forced to be a sex thing for men without respect 

who fear the power of women. Powerful women.

Strong women. Intelligent women. Independent women.

Men without respect feel threatened by their presence. 

They use violence to get them into home and bed.

Murders. Beatings. Kidnapping. Forced marriages. Humiliation. 

They grind women’s will down

as much as they can,

but the strongest bounce back and fight

for what she believes is right. 


She cannot

be stripped of her pride and spirit.

Bullets cannot stop her.

Taking away her freedom cannot stop her.

Until the end of her life,

she is a strong force.

A girl alone is strong,

but united together with other girls and boys

they can change the world.


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