changing lives

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I have made some stupid moves, regretted some of my choices, I have tasted the sweet honey of booze and even had cannabis upon my lips, This is what i used to turn to, when my life got rough,
High school was hard for me, I felt my teachers were blind to see,
I'm surrounded by many. I know people love me. But why do I still feel lonely? I smile, laugh, and have fun. But why don't I feel happy? What people see isn't always true.
A glimpse of light behind me, Darkness is encircling me, I know not where I am. Fear is the side effect, Spawned from the isolation Of my imminent demise. Adrenaline fueled aggression,
You see that girl you pass every day? Could you imagine her life in some other way? There’s something there you wouldn’t expect, She’s living proof of cause and effect Just take a moment and look inside
Life can be as short as this sentence lets take a look at the kid named Dennis 18 years old just getting out of school walking through his neighborhood acting as a fool playing with his brother
Rusted Love I continually look above to this Texas starlit sky where it shows only genuineness; no possibilities to neither falsify nor pretend.
help me survive the pain of someones words I need the power to overcome these hurtfull words Trying to ignore it is hurting me even more The pain feels like someone is hitting me like a punching bag
We are an ungrateful species I am an ungrateful person How many of us have cried but for the pity of ourselves, and not for others Some of us have excuses, as most of us do I have excuses, as I always do
I find that with every opsticle that I serpass the more I can grasp my Goals. My everyday strife was like sitting in a steam room with a broken knob, as I suck up my sob and remeber the words of God,
You see them sitting there Cold on the corner You can't help but stare But what will they care? They've lost their dignity They've lost their pride too So why would they care
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