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Sitting With You #4 She is often forgotten.Left to struggle on her own.Her cries are silent.Tears are endless.If only you could hear her.If only you could feel her.She's kind and gentle.Like a little child.She fights her way through each day.Stand
It just hurts and it feels like I took all that medicine all over again  And I want to cry and get away from the pain  Thats all I ever wanted was away from the pain 
You see her leave, but you don't see her smile  As she walks farther away  You realize, ho much she meant to you  You see her leave  And now there is a Hole  Where there used to be happiness and hope 
Cutting isn't a way of life, its an addiction  Once you start you cant stop Cutting is a way to tell yourself that you are nothing  The cuts hurt and burn so bad you do it again its like a drug
She Dances in the Kitchen  As she trys to clear her mind  Of all the Chaos  At School, At Home  Dancing always helps cover up the mental breakdown she is really having She dances on the tips of her toes 
I stand in The Kitchen  It gets hard to breathe  I slide down the cabinets under the sink Tears slip out of my eyes  A million thoughts run though my head  I just want to Scream  My face goes dry 
She sits by the window  Letting the cool breeze hit her face  Tears slip down one after another She is not ok  She couldnt hold tears back anymore 
Sometimes I just wish those pills would have killed me  Took my last breath away Its not like the hospital helped  Im still young and depressed  I still want to die  I feel out of place
I will always love you  Even when the sun does not shine tomorrow  I will love you the next day and everyday after that  Your the one I want to be consumed with  Wake up with and Go to sleep with 
The Storm is Cold  Like your Heart  My child  You are no piece of Art  
The Room is so Cold  But my Child you are very Bold  Don't put yourself Down  You are no Clown  Your smile is Bright  You will be Free at Night 
The Wind Blows  The Willows Sing  The Crow Cries  The rain taps on the coffin  She dies on repeat  But nothing every truly ends  Her life lives on  Her family sobs  Shes so sorry
Sitting against the wall This room feels so tall As the whole in her heart  Erupts into a million pieces She new it would from the start  Cries fill the air  She falls down the stairs 
It had been 90 days. She’d finally learned to leave it alone. It had gone from her mind, she’d resisted the images she let consume her, and the strange sensations she knew would hurt her.
Your words. They said I love you, but your actions screamed so loudly that they drowned out any indication that those words might even hold some truth. Deafening.
The trees on land come fom the roots underground. A baby is born under the tree, where the branches fold and cover the baby and the mother. The birds sing a loving song and the air whistles around them silently.
Have you ever,Been so in pain,That all of your thoughts,Make you insane?  Do you ever,Lay awake at night,Wishing you would just disapear,From sight?  Are you ever,Just so damn sad,That the thought of death,makes you glad?  Have you ever,Taken a bl
I sat up one night, and decided to walk into a white house.
Today I sit in the front.
Hidden behind the shadows underneath all the grass and the meadows. Eyes red from all the many tears and it's all because of you my dear.
I want to help you I know you are in mourning Your dad died too soon
      I was already broken when you found me, A soft spoken girl who forgot who I could be. Not a choice that I made, but one thrust upon me,
White turns to black. Hearts began to crack. Eyes filled with salty tears, one of their biggest fears. Open casket, scared to see. A young girl staring back at me. For then I knew, the girl looking back, was me. - A.B
So many people, Fear themselves ‘I am ugly, but I want to be loved These words I shall repeat Until they are untrue’
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