Hidden behind the shadows underneath all the grass and the meadows. Eyes red from all the many tears and it's all because of you my dear. As the memories begin to fade, and night turns to day. All those left behind wish for nothing more than to be blind. As they see you move on with your life, they can't help but think how alone they are in this world, a world with no light.  With no moon to guide them and no sun to shine bright, even from the world of shadows it's always a sight. Slowly ever so slowly they all begin to lose faith and they soon become ready to cross over the gate. But the wind whispers in their ear that they are needed in this world of betrayal, and the flashbacks begin and starts off with them in the cradle. Years pass by with a blink of an eye from your first laugh to your final good bye. You soon realize that no matter how many threats and loving messages you have gotten you shall never ever be forgotten.


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