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Too many think that they are GodToo many think that they know GodToo many think that they see GodToo many talk like they know GodToo many sinsToo many SatansToo many prosecutors
The grief consumes my flesh, Here I lament over my words! They lashed and pillowed into my mind The bones pain a memory of memories- There is a chill in my body It tussles with the icicles and
Hello again, father of mine. I haven't written one of these in a while, been some time I've calmed down since I've last wrote about you I'd like to think I've changed a little, at least in my point of view
Writing washes clean the sins of my heart. Giving voice to the good, bad, and ugly parts. Allows me to share times when I swam with sharks. I get lost in it, stopping is the hard part.  I have been to some dark places that are hard to revisit. Enc
Oh no, no, I can't find my pen, I really lost it, I cried like a baby; I can't believe I lost my best friend It sees me naked, perfectly imperfect and still loves me
I'm so tired of being the one that has to be okay all the time I'm so over being the one that always has to take a deep breath and trek on I'm tired of wearing a mask for everyone else while I die on the inside
I don't believe in them But there are gods Gods which can only dream of finding someone like you Someone who listens so closely That their head pounds like a breaking dam Waves crashing over the sides
I do not belive in them But there are gods amongst us Covering their ears Trying to block out the sins of this world banging against their skulls   I am no saint But I wish I could be your angel
I want to know why the sky is blueAnd why Death must come so soonWithout warning, life is dueBut not ever knowing why the sky is blue.   I want to know where the willows lie--Why their hearts can never dieAnd Mother Earth will always denyWe're sea
Dots in the sky To connect our sins So that we see them   The unforgiven ones Will be green The forgiven ones Will be white
Why is it that heaven's most beautiful angel is the one  we must always avoid?    Why do we revile reject with disgust  the only things that fill up the void?   
the boiling water descends flowing over the skin your handsran down.bullets spew from the shower headlike a machine gunmowing down my enemythat hides in my curvesbut with its horrible accuracy
Hot, sticky, and wet
I am the
It’s up to us to make it workbut how can weif death holds sway?And yet I still say:no, waitone minute now, shut your eyessee it therein your mind’s eyeshining from afar
We are all just specks On the dirty, dirty hands
No more love in my system
I found my old soul Lying half awake in a doorway
We're Sought by Satan of that I’m sure as he plots to derail our soul.
Can you see through my eyes? The pain, the hurt, all around.  Lost people seraching for a purpose that can't be found. Their shallow laughter creates a mask, Over the questions they're too afraid to ask.  
Alone in the depths of my inner mind I ponder the sins made in life
What did you feel when you felt me up The instant hesitation then growing infatuation What did you feel when you touched my chest The heart beat pulsing, all my nerves beginning to sing
That of my perception’s highest worth, Things that, when absent, cause me greatest hurt,   The things that I pursued with no relent, Believing that, when caught, would bring content,  
My heart is as bare as my skin. I feel like a canvas waiting for the paint brush. Waiting for the strokes to fill me in. Hoping to fall into a narcotic mind flush.
To change the past was your mistake A broken life you can’t remake Scars become the lines that you have crossed.   A child’s yearning to be free Became your own worst enemy.
I wander throughout the earthSearching for my havenWhere is safety?All that I see is as the firstNothing familiar to my sightConstantly running from the pastForever hauntingHe hunts for my soul
Innocence…Enlighten my eyesYour memory haunts my soulWill you forget me forever?Is our separation an eternity?Innocence…Vileness consumes meDarkness blinds me
They say you only hurt the ones you love. I admit, its the truth. The very fiber of my being comes from you.
As I sit here and lust for this man I wanna cry but my tears have too much pride to fall down my face. I sometimes have to wonder if my greed got me into this situation.
Seven incidents never said Sincerely events valued eccentric noose Indecent naturally caped inside delightful evidence natural text scattered Near every vent except revelations Silent advances indescribable demise
here we are all alone, each of us a dry,    dead             bone. NOTHING left to loVe or haTe                          a barren wasteland of empty fate
Rain. Each drop of H20 hitting my face rejuvenating me Cleaning my soul Washing me of my sins Making me realize how I needed this Cold winds and rain Not sure what direction to go
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