loved and lost

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I loved you with all I had, And you made my life worth living, I was sure that we would last, But obviously I was wrong. I loved you with all I had,
He loved not once but twice, And both times it ended badly, Both times he paid the price And his story ends sadly.   He was young and untested,
I just want my old life back, I had everything I wanted A job that I adored, A hobby that brought immeasurable joy, And a love that seemed unshakeable.
It happened twice. I let myself believe. I thought that I might matter. But what I didn’t see. I loved and lost, And was broken eternally.
She was always by my side, And she took away my pain. She fixed all of my brokenness That was trapped inside my brain. She shone brighter than a star,
That song It’s playing again Evoking memories Memories best left untouched But still, I listen to it I let it play
Everything takes me back Back to that moment That moment when I mumbled “I love you”   Every song I hear Sparks a memory,
I'm blinded by the world around me, and people point and stare, but when I look away, everything's still there, everyone laughs and cries
If you and me be anything but we,   Then my heart shall break in catastrophe.   You are my Love, my life, my wife, my One,   I refuse to believe that we are done.
When I was eight you called me your flower. I fell in love right then. Be careful what you tell children Because they tend not to forget. I picked you lilies by the water
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