A Time Forsaken Heart

If you and me be anything but we,
Then my heart shall break in catastrophe.
You are my Love, my life, my wife, my One,
I refuse to believe that we are done.
I love you with all my soul and my heart,
I love you most, the truth be in my fart.
I pray, no matter the troubles we face,
That in the end, my Love you may embrace
As I hold thee in my own arms again,
That we restart, your love I re-attain.
You seemed to care merely a week ago,
So maybe your true thoughts you did not show.
I hold on to the fact I have your heart,
You told me before hiding it in art.
I believe that you and I are not through,
‘Cause God has given me a sign it’s you
To be my One, my life, my wife, my Love.
Because the bond we share be pure as doves.
Your true intentions and thoughts, wish I knew,
So I could be the perfect One for you.
Your sweet and lovely eyes help to show me
That you still wish that we were truly “we”.
In your softhearted actions I perceive
That my good and true intentions achieve
In showing you my sorrow and my grief.
But your kind words, within, I find relief.
The songs I sing that remind me of you
Bring hope to me that we may start anew.
The future I foresee is so happy
If only you could truly forgive me.
The future is a mystery untold,
So I await to see how it unfolds.
Time has become my hearts greatest rival
As now it’s a struggle for survival.
As Grandfather Time sits in timeless rest,
His prodigy, has put my heart to test.
Time, His name, which my heart has suffered through
To earn forgiveness and your love from you.
Time has forsaken my abandoned soul,
And turned my insides into black as coal.
The only brightness in my world I see
Is when I hold you in my arms. With me…
The pain I feel grows greater day by day.
Your Love, the cure to make it go away.
Torment, fear, and sorrow all fill my head,
And they won’t go away until I’m dead.
As my wretchedness grows I fear that thee
Will grow more distant with your Love for me.
I feel the tears building behind my eyes.
To say that “I am fine,” nothing but lies.
I want to cry, to bow down and just pray,
To save my soul from enduring each day.
The days that I put on a fraud smile
Are outshone by the night. Senile 
To believe I deserve to be happy.
I wish that I could just set my soul free…
The nights I feel like I am worth nothing
Come with a sort of pain like a bee sting.
The blade, the blunt, the bottle, all of these
Will suppress all my pain with greatest ease.
I write this part not to exemplify
That all life is is pain and agony.
Merely to explain what comes from thy heart,
That is the purpose of this sorrowed part.
The tears I must learn to hold back from now
Must be sealed in a true and solemn vow.
When I think of you with another guy,
I feel a swell of tears come to my eyes.
Instead of just breaking down and crying,
I resort to releasing pain… Cutting.
The scars and blood, I truly do deserve.
For in these scars, my mistakes are preserved.
The sharpest blade could not leave such a gash
Comparable to what’s left from Time’s lash.
My heart is torn, causing me to bleed tears.
Tonight I had to endure my great fear.
The memories set deep inside me head
Will be restless until the day I’m dead.
But, I write these words and hope you perceive
The goal that they are trying to achieve.
There are many things that are left unsaid,
Because the feelings in my heart feel Dead.
I wish that it was easier to show,
So that my hidden feelings, you would know.
I write these words, I bleed them from the heart.
And in these words, my feelings shown as art.
An artist’s eye hides in his arts secrets.
Only recognized by his true subject.
I hold onto faith and my greatest hope
That with such a broad and far-stretching scope
Shall peer into the memories of “us”
And find God’s plan in “our” true happiness.
The memories and past that we do share
Shall be kept in my heart with greatest care.
My heart and soul are touched by God’s great word.
We shall have a relationship unheard
Of in all the far reaches of the Earth.
My heart shall become the place of your hearth.
I love you more than any words can tell.
My heart’s Love for you could fill any well.
You are the one that I want to marry
Some day. Our Love will ride Cupid’s ferry.
If God be real, and if His word be true,
Let “us” rebirth, I leave it up to you.
The only problem with this work, tis true.
None of these words express my heart to you.
Your love for me is not truly far-gone.
Merely waiting for “us” in distant dawn.
For God has set his plan into motion,
Which one day will provoke the emotion
Deep in your heart as it sleeps now, today.
True Love, like “ours,” will never go away.
In time, I hope that thee will truly see
That God has set you and me up to be.
I know right now your heart sees differently,
But God wants you and I to truly be.
The reason you weren’t pregnant with Bentley?
Because God tested how strong we could be.
With so many memories tied to “us,”
It’s hard NOT to believe God planned for us
To one day be together in the end.
To start anew. Fresh start by being friends,
That’s what we need. In time you will believe
This is what God planned for you to perceive.
The amount of thoughts that are left unsaid
Cannot be found asking my heart nor head.
I Love you Kenzie, eternally true.
One day I hope I find myself with you.
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I won't lie.. I cried. This is heartbreakingly beautiful.

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