My Old Life

I just want my old life back,

I had everything I wanted

A job that I adored,

A hobby that brought immeasurable joy,

And a love that seemed unshakeable.

My life wasn’t perfect,

But it didn’t need to be,

I had everything I wanted,

Life seemed to finally be okay.

I was loved

And I was happy.

But then came a great reckoning,

I lost it all,

Everything that made my life seem better.

My pain came running back,

Stabbing deep where he once lay.

He brought a friend with him this time,

Loneliness killed my self-esteem.

I hate everything I deal with,

Why can’t I just return?

Why can’t I tell Loneliness

To go away?

And tell Pain to pack?

I wish it were that simple,

I wish I had my old life back.


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