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you were always one to reach for the stars   your dad gave you wings and hoped you’d be content with the sky he was afraid
It seems that Jehovah and Lucifer have compromised your passage To no longer suffer in this life with the facade of being “okay” Jubilation has come your way
The night was cold as death And the stillness, eerie and sudden. Laying on the pavement laid her friend Mangled and torn, she was sprawled upon the ground.
Dear Home,   I laid in your living room with Taylor, Petting Penny as she fell asleep. I stood in front of your bright green door with Taylor, Waiting for Mom to take a picture before our first day of school.
Mom, You are my literal everything,  My entire being exists because of you. You taught me that I don’t need someone else to define who I am. You taught me that
Mark,   Grammie flew out to find you finally withered away in the Rockies. You had the lead a large one, several years but demons are quick on motorcycles and they love to watch you lose.
You are with me still Though your body has turned to dust and reclaimed by earth, Your ghost still lurks … right. Here. Your scent lingers on the petals of every rose,
one day of moonlight one day of you   one day of twilight one day of blue   a blue that reflects on the bud and the trees
The croaking of the stairs Woke me up, Told me you were awake. I bounced in your lap, All giggles and smiles As you flipped through Black and white pages.   We bet on the horses,
Dear loved one I barely knew you, But I know you now. Death is funny in this way. I remember your face, I remember your house,
Lately I am guilty of losing the little things:
The mightiest sin I ever committed
Talented; in all her artistic endeavors,
Emptiness everywhere. In, around, out front, in back. Just empty. No people. No noise. No laughter. No anything. Just nothing everywhere. It is as silent as the wind that blows through the nothing.
His porcelain skin & wiry brown hair, His rosy cheeks & baby blue eyes, The cotton jacket  With matching leather shoes & stiff cap. Always at attention, like a soldier
I want to be happy for others and sometimes I am, but it is my fortune in life that I must stand, I cannot take when omeone feels strain for me, it's paints the worse how I made my entry.
Tally marks are used by many to count the shots they’ve taken. I use no measure to know how much has been taken from this glass.   The liquid fills and swashes in my
Shes hurting.   Struggling to see the bright side of the night. Always seems to be asking the lord why? Always trying to put up a fight.   In a cloud of disappointments , she doesnt see a reason to be here.
  Though loud they revert to mumbles All through the night their words rumbles Their tales a story referenced Only to the wise do they give preference Their thoughts I want to ravage
On this dark, cloudy dayI look and see myself lying by the riverLooking so coldI can practically taste the chill
  I witnessed in a root that stood in my mother’s garden Brown burning water to mud             then dust,   Polluting veins required for breath,         for leaves hanging like clipped
“Reggie” Remember when we first met? I remember how ecstatically you sat. Eager to see what trouble you could get into next, I remember the first necklace I put around your neck.
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