being black

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Bruised, beaten, and battered  The blood of those slaughtered have flowed through history.  Our ancestors.  *Risen from the ashes of oppression and injustice. 
Why must we Observe these bleeding bodies On the floorboards of restless ancestors Whose lives were tainted by the scoreboard of oppression?   And we sit behind A phone and find
My mother. The curls of her hair a mystery we could never find the end of with various ringlets creating a spongy wall around her head.   My black mother
My soul is shattering every second of the day Outcasted by hate in any way As I fall my fate begins to fade away But I say NO!
What do you see when you look at me? Do you see a threat or do you see me? From my beautiful black nappy hair all the way down to my black feet. When I look in the mirror, I see me. I love me.
Spread joy. Can I employ the sisters and brothers begging this government? Make it a supplement, an addition or readmission to a better life for the gifted, the talented and the brilliant. Oh she's Brazilian.
America. Land of the free home of the brave... for a few. America. A country founded on "All Men Are Created Equal"... Not true. America.
I mean… Is it too much for America to love black people like they love black Friday? We ask, we ask, we ask
America seems too hate  even though putting themselves on a bate discriminating souls, unknown to them. they seem not care.  can you even bare the word free. meanings across the earth change.
My black is beautiful. I’m not what media perceives me to be as a black woman - I can’t be loud, I can’t yell. I can’t express myself in the most
I'm walk-walk-walking past the school I should call my own.  I was kicked out of the school close to my home.  Now I walk past head down, tears flowing because my skin is darker then theirs. 
Growing up like any other kid i had to have “the talk”. You know the talk when they explain that people will automatically assume that your ignorant, thunderous, and bombastic because your 10 shades darker than them. Or you know the talk when you
Visualization is all I see I visualize us of being free Tears and shawdows of all the dark dreams Maybe I just want us to be alive and free. Being who you are and remaining true 
I'm black but why does that matter I'm human too I'm a male but why does that matter I'm human too
I guess you forgot who you really are from all the brainwash, You're not conscious. Wake up brothas and sistas, But be cautious! Don't be a house n*gga, Don't be a coon!
I am black and I will succeed; I will reach the top and I'll win; I will go to college with tears of joy in my eyes and receive my degree; Only I will know what I achieved;
America the great .. America the free  America the.. Wait..wait..hold on...
Its funny how you know me But don't know me, you know? Was in my class then, back then But things just got old You underestimated my knowledge  Grew success now you don't dodge me
Having Obama for president most people don't get. But when 60 yeats ago blacks were barely people this is quite a difference. Witht he murders, protests and riots you still don't understand.
Being black in this country you grow up bluntly seeing the funky 
I am consistehntly Black, proudly and unapoligetically.
I find myself telling all my business on the internet but only if you can't hear me. I can't know if you've seen this and I hope like hell you won't realize who it's about.
Our young black men and women are out here dyin', innocent lives are being taken away from this world, families are cryin' These crime scenes are horrifyin', cops out here lyin. We just want justice.
Dark girl, be proud of your physique and skin. You'd think the boys only want you because of your appearance. They don't want to know what's within. You say that you want a man
You wouldn’t see me solely as a slang bearer that doesn’t know the difference between euphemism and an idiom Don’t think too hard about it
I am fresh off the boat but I was born here and I'm looking for a place with my type of acceptance Of a girl with an afro and a bindilost and confused a muse to racists
you will survive     emerging into the world like any other baby small, wrinkly, squinty, and fragile
Being black is amazing  Hair waving, body banging, and never aging. Everybody wants to be you, until it's time to be you Who knew?  
when will the injustice end
Why can't we love ourselves,
when she told me, “Straighten your hair, just to see what it looks like.” all i heard was, “Straighten your hair, so you look like me.” and i wondered then, if i did
I think its safe to say that I am Black. Even though my skin is as diverse As a misty rainbow, filled with light and dark. Look at all those Browns, It goes from creamy peanut butter, to
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