Black without permission

I am consistehntly Black, proudly and unapoligetically. I love the beautiful pieces and embrace the ugliness of it all.They told me to put my Blackness on a shelf, to silence it and tuck it away for no one to see; only for them to go home to tan and inject themselves to look like me. They told me to synch my curves and straighten my hair, then they threw my people in a bucket; this one dark, this one mulatto, this one fair. They told me I was a sight for sore eyes, that I was no beauty to behold, but I unchained my Blackness and I dressed her in gold. I put her back in her rightful place; on a pedastool closest to God. I sprinkled stardust in her locks and sensualized her silk laced hips that would spare no rod. I washed her feet in the Congo, and made her bed up by the Nile. Her breast nurtured the Ivory Coast, her eyes, crystalized pieces of sunlight and her skin  absorbed the remains. Her womb, center of our Universe, stretched and borrowed to maintain all of your burderns. Her worth goes untouched, whether in front or behind the curtains. I am consistently Black, not when it's "acceptable" or when you say it's ok. I am unapologetically Black, every 365 and all 24 hours in the day.


My pride in myself is not a reflection of my "hate" for you, I love all people, but I love myself too.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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