Dark Girl.

Dark girl,
be proud of your physique and skin.
You'd think the boys only want you
because of your appearance.
They don't want to know what's within.
You say that you want a man
who'll love you for who you are.
But if you can't love yourself,
The love will only go so far.
Dark girl,
it shouldn't matter if you want to wear your fro.
Or if you want weave, or box braids that are jumbo...

Dark girl, you are a queen
From your head to your toes.
What's so good about dark skin?
I'll tell you all the pros.
• Your skin ages slower.
• Your skin is smooth.
• You're basically a human chocolate bar who'll craves someones sweet tooth.

Now tell me again why my skin isn't pretty.
You don't like dark-skinned girls?
Oh. What a pity.

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