America the great

Mon, 08/15/2016 - 20:15 -- Bcamara

America the great .. America the free  America the.. Wait..wait..hold on... Let's stop lying please.  America the place where crime is committed so passively   Where the only time I see red white and blue is when the sirens are rolling down the street  Shots fired! Oops.. Another black boy down.  Another cop gone wild..But set that cop free, let that cop go free, this is American the free   And momma please don't cry, your son ain't gunna die..  (but the doctor just came out and said her son just died.   You see.. It's the same people we put our trust in to protect us that are killing us  They tell us sit back, give it some time.  The systems on our side, give it some time.  Dont fight it, give it some time!  But we thought we could believe in the system!  It was fair to the defendant, but what about the victim?   No one talks! No one wants to testify!   So drive by, slide by, black eyes hidden by shades,   We all turn our cheeks, we all look the other way  You see, I fear for myself as much as I fear for my brothers  We live in a country where Melanin is a crime and the death sentence our punishment   So don't tell me to sit back and give it some time!  Each time another black boy is killed, an angry black women is born Dont tell us we can't be mad, when our people are under attack!  Dont tell us to sit back and relax because when will this be over? How long will this last?!  We are tired of feeling like we need to Scream in order for our struggles to be seen  We are tired of feeling like we need to SCREAM! IN ORDER FOR OUR STRUGGLES TO BE SEEN!!   

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My community
My country


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