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The silence is a cold slap in the face, staining my cheeks with a red I can’t feel. The looks are icicles falling into the space where I hid my heart. The sneers are tiny flames dancing on my fingertips,
I need this scholarship for many more reasons that one, See, my dream is to attend Stanford and study in the sun, However, I can't afford to pay my way, cuz all I got in my walltet is several ones,
  I was scared and unsure to love again He took me by the hand
Life is a book that will never be finished written... Carpe Diem is a crude joke because, Karma is an unpredictable bit-- ... witch!   Reality becomes a false sedative,
When momma raised you she always knew what you can do A star in her eyes, a perfect replica of her You would grow up to be smart she never raised no fool Your grace and strive for perfection was one thing superb  
Just think about today. Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery…or so they say. How about enjoy the day, remember the past, and plan for the future? Is that too much to ask?
I cannot bear the History The Submission, The Imprisonment Intelligence wasted behind the fearful pomp Confined in lowly places that don't suit us   Women, much stronger than believed
Mother: Shivering nights follow me as my stomach grows I feel her inside me I can picture her face, smile, personality Worth such a huge future But I couldn’t give it to her
Four years ago I saw a girl I didn't think she was very pretty Her face wasn't too bad She had sparkly eyes with long eyelashes Almost pretty
See the dandelion snow?
The story begins with a series of mistakes and almost regrets. Like any ordinary teenage love it started out like a sunflower in the middle of summer, nothing but sunshine and happiness.
Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt? That the single thought of them leaving causes your entire world to invert. No matter what they do or say, The feeling of love never goes away.  
Innocent people being hooked on the blue book, becoming dull robots that speak in code; it comes in your sleep taking your intellect like a crook, by bribing you with a new mode.
It's a funny thing really No seriously it's hilarious
  I am a black woman and I think I speak for us all when I sayI get the blues every now and then.   Dont wonder why we’re bitter
The colors of the sunset warm my heart. The breeze blows my stress away. I breathe in the smell of fresh cut grass. As I look at all the miles ahead, I am no longer afraid. Nature has become my best friend.
Put your ego to the side And decide what is best Better for the people Those slaving away in your factories Standing in line at the VA Trying to find a way to feed Their children for a day
I sit here and think How have I come to be, This young man that has transformed It all matters to me. I see how my world has unfolded In one year more than three, And I appreciate those years
In Thirty Years     In 30 years Where do you see yourself? Ask the general youth of America,
My heart turns cold of darkened coals. It hurts to hear the words.I fear the blazing, burning taunt, That shatters me in thirds. What frozen landscape will I face,To welcome my dead dreams?I cannot face the path ahead,For my mind still hears the s
Hushed, like the soft whisper of a blue jays wings in flight.Settling in the willowy branches, rustling in the trees.Calling with the breathy sighs of a gentle breeze.Awaiting the gentle coming of the stars and twilight.
Iam not perfect and never will be Iam beautiful and always shall be Iam a sinner but who are you to judge me ? Read my book to know my story Iam a lesbian which is my biggest sin
You can be a hater, or you can be a friend You can go with the flow, or you can start a trend You can wear a mask, and you can paint your face You can draw your own picture, or another's you can trace
Everything just shattered, It all went completely wrong.  And no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to move on. It just hurts to let go and nobody gets it. I'm just so damn tired,
as everyday starts my day is goodi see you in the distancemy heart starts to do cartwheelsthen i realize your holding handswith hermy mind wonders offim supposed to be in her placei want her title
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