The Eyes of My Inner Fire


My heart turns cold of darkened coals. It hurts to hear the words.I fear the blazing, burning taunt, That shatters me in thirds. What frozen landscape will I face,To welcome my dead dreams?I cannot face the path ahead,For my mind still hears the screams. My mind now flows with endless query,I'm entangled amid the flames. The scorching gaze of fellow friends, Outwit me in this game.  The third of these still taunts my soul,The things we all have done.To turn away would pierce my heart. It's the thing you can't outrun.  Together I feel a hurting doubt,The eyes of inner fire.They stare me down to ask again:Is this truly what you desire?  The pieces of my shattered heart,Remind me of control.Escape of one without the other.I still would not be whole. To face them all and defy the judge,I'll charge into the fight. For inside my fully mended heart,I'll prove them I was right.      -Erin The Great


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