Corrupt Feelings


Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt?
That the single thought of them leaving causes your entire world to invert.
No matter what they do or say,
The feeling of love never goes away.
‘Possessive’, ‘obsessive’, ‘unhealthy’
Words that get thrown around like grenades,
To the people that put up blockades,
To shield this love that is so wrong, but feels so right.
A love that corrupts your every cell,
Because you participate in every tainted method to dispel
Their pain.
A love that causes you to dance in acid rain
Or kill children, if it causes even the slightest smile to form on their face.
Your every breath is dedicated to them
Because the only reason you breathe is to benefit them
Your future exists only for their happiness,
Even if it means despair and darkness.
Have you ever loved someone so much it hurt?
No matter what you do, the love will never go away.
Because you secretly want it to stay,
Because you secretly enjoy this pain.
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Wow an intriguing poem it kind of had a creepy feel to it and I loved it keep writing

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