The Image

Four years ago

I saw a girl

I didn't think she was very pretty

Her face wasn't too bad

She had sparkly eyes with long eyelashes

Almost pretty

Except that cleft chin

And her ears are too big

She was almost cute

Then I looked down

She didn't look like the other girls

The fat rolls on her stomach poked out

Her legs jiggled when she walked

She wasn't fat

But she wasn't skinny either

Her legs weren't long enough, hair not straight enough, waist not small enough, boobs not perky enough, grades not high enough,  comments not funny enough, clothes not pretty enough, butt not round enough.

Just not good enough

She wanted someone to save her

The cuts on her body and the tears on her cheeks proved it

She wasn't good enough


Now, I see the same girl

But, she is different

Her face is prettier

Lit up with a smile and not stained with tears

Her ears are still big, but hey, it's kind of cute

I look down at the girl

Her tummy still has a little pudge

Not flat, but it doesn't need to be

Her legs jiggle a little

But whose don't?

Sometimes she doesn't believe it, but she was always good enough

She was always smart enough, pretty enough, funny enough, skinny enough, perky enough, tall enough

She just couldn't see it

But, once she let herself see she was good enough

Everyone else saw it too

Life changed

The cuts healed to scars and the tears all dried

She didn't need a savior

Just needed to see the beauty she'd tucked away in sadness

Today. she holds her head high

She knows she's good enough

And now,

When I walk away from the mirror

Four years later,

I do so with a smile

Proud of who I was

Who I am

And who I will become




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