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Morning is meant as a gentle reprieve
  This poem is written from the standpoint of a girl who has been raped/sexually abused in the past and is now speaking to her lover years later.
Just breathe, in and out. Simple, not complicated. Yet, the hardest thing. 
We never really knew what it meantto be beautifulbecause they never showed ushow we were beautifulThey always told you could do your hair bettersmile biggernicer clotheschange change change
There is another world with a strange government
I am a fifteen year old girlRaising two children in a poisonous worldOne is barely learning to crawl and the otherWatches my parents pay the bills with alcoholI depart like always to buy the usual
Released from this earthwith a sudden cool breezeNo longer boundto earthly worry Kind Gentle heartCaring and loving soulthe heavens relinquished
Im sad and its very cold.My heart hurts and is no longer bold.
Ana is my best friend, Or so I thought she was. Ahe fills my head with lies To constantly disguise The fact that she's no good for me. Truth be told, She's killing me.   "Beauty is pain"
Couldn't anyone hear me? 
i was once a speck one needed to squint to even catch a glimpse of such a glimmer i was once a drop of water one in a cloud of fog i was once of cosmic dust with no mind to the sins above
We're here again Two sides of the playing field  No longer able to feel your warmth Just left to wallow in my memories  I can't say I’m surprised Always knew it would happen  But it hurts
College. The place where many are free for the first time.
Tainted  Like a butterfly, she floats along the rigid hills, Rays of sun Shine through her fluorescent wings. She's heading south.   The sun lowers to rest
How young How naive How stupid How trusting   I was to think everyone is honest   False promises Demeaning attitude with simple words words I ignored  
  in our lifetimes we find ourselves stacked on top of each other as we’ve not yet built enough satellites to live on (admittedly, Alien scares us too much anyhow) and this earth is already full
Words children shouldn't hear filling like poison in their ears. Things that get bleeped out on TV but not when they're used around me.   You may think a door is obesely thick
Let the stars shine tonight For they have not in a long time. Their show was stole one night People didn't notice this crime, For the thieves are their man-made lights Ripped out of the sky
Terrifying, yes. But unconquerable, no. Confidence is key. 
The breeze, so warm and pleasant. The flowers, so beautiful and colorful. The voices of the kids playing across the street, so cute and heartwarming. The sound of the ice cream truck, so inviting and addicting.
My heart is very sensitive. It deserves to take a rest, Once in a while. You break, you buy it. But then remember to also fix it.
As if their concentration camps weren't enough, Now they have to shove big guns in our faces. They do not care if we cry, They do not care if we die. All they care about is extinguishing our religion and race.
Crush. Eyes met. Smiles are stolen. Her laugh is adored. They fnally build the courage. They talk and make a date. Then on that date night they kiss.  A single date then turns into many moments.
I remember  the way our eyes met,  when we first talked.   I remember  the way our lips touched, when we first kissed.   I remember  the way your fingers fit perfectly in mine,
I'm trapped Inside my body. I don't belong  Here. Nobody wants me. Here Nobody understands me. Here I need an escape from. Here I'm trapped inside my body.
What does family mean to me? To me family means people who let me be. They support and care,  And treat me fair,  They love me dear, Separation from them I fear.  
Tears fall down my face, And I try harder to push them all out. Tears fall down my face, And my eyes won’t stop squinting.
We have so many choices in this world, and we’re expected to pick just one. We have so many choices in this world, and we’re never able to get the best of both worlds. Should I eat a banana or apple for lunch?
Uninvited, unexpected, unwanted. You came into our lives. Creating a storm. Breaking friendships. Creating panic. Ruining lives. Creating unneeded drama. During our freshman year of high school.
You don’t understand. You don’t try to. You don’t want to. You can’t. You won’t. Why should you? What am I? An experiment? Or shall I say a daughter?
She was scared to fallShe was scared to trustHe looked at her with nothing but lust She was scared to love him cause' she knew she'd be hurt againShe got caught in his eyes, she couldn't see past all his lies.
You are my contentment,With you true love can be experienced.The depth of our love is coherent,With you my insecurities are nonexistent. I never had to hand my heart over in your hands, My heart knew you were and always would be my man.and by your
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