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For we were trapped in the faceless conformity, of a place that we are foreign to. The feeling of being lost overwhelms us, as though we may never be found.
  Where is the wisdom now lost? Is convenience really worth the cost?   Books replaced for screens and instant streaming; Concertos and Symphonies for banging and screaming.  
Worthless Numbers
  I am tired of this façade Men shouldn't have to treat the opposite sex with disrespect in order to retain their masculinity.  Girls shouldn't feel the need to starve themselves for beauty and serenity.
She was born just like the rest of us, with sparkles in her eyes and pink in her cheeks. She was born into our shared world mimicking every plush feature a newborn has;
He flies, they always catch him. He flies, why did they fail? He flies, now alone. He lands, they lie at his feet as the rain falls. He rises again soaring the skies, the robin of his mother's dreams. 
Let me be me I am just a girl let me be me  one day I wanna rule the world  My parents never get me; it seems I am never heard let me be me  I always scream and say 
"That's my child!" She's yelling at me as if i don't know how he got into this world. I'm not dumb. I'm just a kid, and your yelling  won't make me grow up any faster. I'm actually afraid
Oh. Thick girls? They are better than Big girls. Big girls are like big.  Thick Girls are just better Said everyone.  Big girl  Big girl No loves you they said, lose weight they tell me
Brainwash the children of the nation with songs by Drake  omg becky look at her butt you only live once dripping with misogyny  stupid sayings  strangle our minds into believing
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