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  Life is a piece of cake or so I thought. That is what I always hoped but never found, A little boy rolling around like a ball on the ground Pushing for more when I just never knew
Shiver down your spine, Voices on a cold breeze that blows over the hills. You said you'd stay for them, for me Please make me a promise, make us a promise. They talk about the view from halfway down
Begin without an n : Where face to face is not valid, While face to book has no stop sign. Where friends stacked up as a social contact,
In New York, above the empire state tower Zeus lays in Olympus Brooding; bored as ever He looks down on the city An idea forms in his mind Rain clouds with intensity pour down on mankind
Every birthday of the past, held anticipation of simply being an older age  Day by day wondering of the woman I would grow up to be  I grow by the second knowing that the now brings out the best in me
You will leave me, we will part, We will bid our last goodbyes.  There will be lonely nights, And days of missing, But not now.  Because right now I am here, And you are here In my arms.
Dear Now,   I could start this out by saying "Hello," But I think we both know it would go a little bit more like (sigh) "Hello... again."
America How could you? I trusted you, I believed  in you, And now with every passing day I weep As this once great nation is now in shambles.   How could we stray so far
I used to Spend every eyelash, every dandelion wish Hoping for someone to make me feel happy I used to Think about you and radiate joy I used to
August 3rd, 1492.  Christopher Colombus set sail in search of something Great.  He did.    1492. Same Year, Christopher Colombus found Native Americans and named them "Indians"  
Nothing to do. No one to see, and where are we? No where, but we are here now. Now? That is such a fleeting  time. Is it a second or a thought? Perhaps a kiss
 I'm shedding tears for all the people we've lost just this year. From senseless violence to overgrown conspiracies, can't you see the enemy? They hide in plain sight so no can ever see.
Here I watch the crowds scatter Vast amounts of doubts gather I've steered my train of thought, trained the brain to block out chatter Town after town, I traded what I had known
Hurt runs deep Tears are shed Hearts are torn Love is dead Try so hard Always fail Bruised and scarred Blood's red trail Makes it's mark On my heart Like a bullet,
What is music without a song? For if my voice is missing, who will hear it? What are words without my story? For if I swallow it, who will read it? What is work without my hand?
There comes a day where my life is happy There comes a day where my life is sadness There comes a day where my life is love There comes a day where my life is frustrating and confusing
Painful thought Always  Involve someone i love Never someone i hate Has the world gone mad? Are people out to get me? That could be it... Everything hurts now
There would be ultimate peace among each and all countries, among individuals.  In my perfect little world.   There would be no crimes instead continuous laughter would
We are not made for the aesthetic affinities. Your life is not a helicopter shot from a Planet Earth episode. You are not for the mountaintops and dawns and shooting stars.
Give me a sec to get my mind straight. And let me speak out what I feel every day. You wanna know what my struggle is, so listen carefully. I feel like just some dusty book on a shelf.
There’s something in the air today.
I feel the pressure of the walls of this box pushing from each side, increasing, squeezing, and as it gets tighter in here, the pressure builds builds into an atmosphere chaotic enough for lightning
                                                        It was late at night
The faceless faces now hold detail. The wounded women now show sealed scars. The chasteless children now innocent.                                                                 The hollow home now stands solid.
Change is always around us Change is everywhere It happens every day, but sometimes we hardly notice The temperature, the shape of the clouds, and change even arises from tectonic plate movement.
I used to be here, Didn't we all. History shows, Powerful nations, Always fall. But we never worry, Never show fear.  Just shake our fists,  And drink a beer. No! Don't cry,
It’s almost time, we’re nearly done Senior year, the final one Last year to cherish the friends we make It’s time for risks we want to take   Life is quickly passing by
Whose destination is love. YOU and you and You are my definitions. I’ve learned that I’m just in love with a concept. Life doesn’t work that way. I want the best of all; I always end up with
Right now, Right Now, is where I want to be easily she could be visa to me cuz i accept her everywhere my heart is as I lay here with her enveloped in these sheets, I see, as far as I can,
I love this day, I don't want it to fade awayYou are finally here, I can now see clearYou make the world spin, do you remember me from back thenRemember me nowRemember when you held my hand, I could hardly stand
“What do you do when your world is falling?” “How do you continue to keep stalling?”   Smiling, I begin to tell my tale, The story of how I never fail.   “Don’t you ever look to the past!”
Swirls of color, brighten golden like the sun; your soft hearted loving looks,  accompanied by the touch of your hand;  smooth gently comforting strokes. Lips tweak up to form a happy smile;
Disparge the innocent, laudable overachieve/ The real world will masticate her eventually/ Avoiding the fiasco of life will soon catch up with the doe-eyed and free-spirted/ only the good die young, my pretty/ One dubious thought, one regret/ One
We the invisible While unforgettable it is easy to forget we are there The misfits the world never bothered what to do with Forgetting our existence while counting us statistics Misplaced we traverse unknown plains
I'm ready now Ready for your bullshit I can take this fight this battle this war This never-ending game of drawing circles while you hog all the pencils but I Have the eraser
Heart feels so overwhelmed I look into your eyes And see the unexplainable Twists and turns of unexpected Happiness and sorrow All rolled into one smiling face
Spread like thick mist of perpetual darkness, The harbinger, the evil, the snake, mischievous. Slithers. Spreads the black cloud of human error across the deep souls of mortal man.
People in life sometimes need a shine. You don't have to a star nor even a dime. As kid you grow, and find whats inside. Go on little kids, show how you can shine. Show the world and life that theres nothing to hide.
I have a vivid memory. It's not black, darkness, emptiness, but instead, a total lack thereof, devoid of anything. I can't perceive how alone I am, if at all. Something is watching me.
Now we are here TODAY, And still so far away. Thinking about the PAST, And the world TODAY. See the world told me, It would never be equal. Maybe not even bilingual.
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