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Where face to face is not valid,

While face to book has no stop sign.

Where friends stacked up as a social contact,

While the social is the unfriend.

Where the power of digital is charged,

While the charger is lack of power.

Where respecting is by commenting,

While saying hi no longer showing respect.

Where ctrl+c and ctrl+v is a way to be creative,

While to be creative is to imagine.

Where hopscotch is unknown,

While kids know others as they play hopscotch.

Where becoming aesthetic seems important,

While being athletic is way more important.

Where excitement appears by the sound of notifications,

While the sound of nature worths everything.

Where popularity beats talent,

While getting popular has no value.

Where saying ‘I want’ is a piece of cake,

While understanding others’ effort is a must.

Where attitude is uncontrol,

While the key of success is to behave nicely.

Where work will be done easier with no one else,

While group work is to be one.

Where humans leave trash and kill animals,

While animals leave footprints and get killed by humans.

Have mirror and reflect.


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Our world


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