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Sometimes the one who commits an offence is not the only guilty person. The one who supports wrongdoing is guilty as the doer of the wrong.   Even though everybody has a degree of jealousy and bad-mindedness,
What do preachers and teachers have against independent thinking? If you should not think for yourselves, who should think for you? The objective of my writing is to draw people’s attention to serious issues.
You are what made me. You are what brought me to my knees. You are what rose above me in triumph. You are my downfall.   I am what made You. I am what made You able to tower high above me.
The world is crumbling. Our views are being blinded. People have become less in the eyes of others. Everyday in the news you see politics, wars, laws... Hate.
Pierce my skin and I shall not cry for the suns shine is within me My hearts a summers warmth a blooming flower that opens in the wake of spring   I have not anything here on earth
What you know about the silence of the lambs I'm not talking about that cross dresser shit. I mean the way people today choose to live, cowardly, afraid to speak up. Think differently,
Sweet sentiments the birds sing to me, This greenbelt of tall and lean,  shimmering tropical colors of green. It peaks through my window, dancing facets of light. Touches the skin and warms the sight. 
I stare at something As long as I can see The feeling of being sucked in Completely surrounding me.   The kaleidoscope of colors Before the black abyss; Falling through space,
When you grow up you realize the heart comes with a burdenYou will see it now how blind it was back thenThe responsibility to have your heart can only be taken on by one
The man behind the photo is unknown his true nature are within the pixles of a picture his facial expression like the cover of a book
I'm a human first so decide on me now than later
Views and words, views and words.
If you really knew me, you would know I suffer from depression. A misdiagnosed type of new vision. Seeing reality as it was always meant to be. Seeing the actuality of the false viatlity of the world.
A dark room. I lie alone. Non-existent until this moment. Darkness blinds my open eyes. To me, my world is what I see.   I flip over. I turn around.
I wear the mask that everyone wants to see, It changes constantly with every glance, Each one displaying different facets of who everyone sees me to be. Everyone has these masks we wear so willingly, some unknowingly.
In this day and age peoples views have grown smaller and smaller as their phones have grown bigger and bigger.   We no longer see the world around us for what it is, we see what they want us to see and what they want us to hear.
My mother of Resolution A mother of hope A listener of wisdom My detective of crime Understanding of all imperfections   Loving, caring, compassionate
I sat out behind the house for hourswaiting for something to come home.It has been days since the wind has blownand I have ingested the sun to show youhow bright I really am.
If you knew me now, you’d know I’ve changed If you knew me now, you’d see me differently I’m not the same person I used to be
Blankly she stares out, Wide-eyed at the broken world. Trying not to scream and shout, Yearning to be a normal girl.  
Looking at her plate Glancing at her thighs No thanks, she says Waiting to be perfect, or what she thinks is perfect.
How am I supposed to know? Cultures vary Numerous interpretations What’s considered deviant Or acceptable vary By cultural perspective
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