The World

Mon, 10/01/2018 - 12:00 -- KMiles

The world is crumbling.

Our views are being blinded.

People have become less in the eyes of others.

Everyday in the news you see politics, wars, laws...


Can't remember the last time the news has brought any feeling of happiness, of relief, of love...

We grow farther from love everyday.

Everyday when we let our own values rule someone else's life.

When we dont let people choose.

When we dont let love win.

When you choose to make it impossible for people to have the love they want to have, because it goes againt what YOU believe, not of what they want.

When you choose the life of a child killing its mother, so it could live life in five minutes, then die itself, taking the one who brought it here away as well.

When people arent allowed to do and believe something different, then nothing will ever change.

We will never have new ideas.

New practices.

The world will stop turning.

Our world is crumbling.

Our views are straying.

And all we can do is to keep praying.


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