unconditional love

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Another night I lie awake,
I realized through all of my constant trivial mind games that I have come to find one of my very own soul mates. I don’t think I believed until his eyes met mine.
I am a terrible person I am selfish Arrogant Dishonest Lazy Prideful I ha
She watched him shine He watched her sigh  Very different, these two  But the things they could do Were beyond true beauty  And the two could see it so clearly   She ran wild and free
Dear my protector, Satheric, Satheric. With feathers so sleek like a silent owl in flight, The comforting hum of your voice, kept me asleep all night. As I knew there was nothing to fright.
10/6/16  My Dearest Grandson,   I know that writing letters may be relics of the past, and sending emails online are more convenient and fast, but I couldn't help but write one since I have your new address,
I knew it when I first saw you, Though we were much younger then, That you were special, you were meant to find me, That I loved you.   The beginning was not easy, We were young and irresponsible,
Mother? Why are stars so beautiful ? Tim, they just represent all of us. They are what we are. We are their children. They’re beautiful because all they are just doing is being happy no matter what happens.
with you there’s no need for explanations and no misinterpreted expectations   with you there are no fears
"Why?"     A toothy grin plus a peckNo care about slightly chapped lipsOr breath from the dinnerFixed as a surprise    
Agape, i'm sorry  i didn't understand  that when God said, "love everyone"  he meant even when a man loves a man.  Agape, I'm sorry  i didn't comprehend  i believed what others told me..
Perfectionism We never fully satisfy it Thoughts of self compassion make it cringe Often it deceives Faultfinding limits our potential Cuts off love and belonging in life So scratch that-be free
I dream about death taking over me. Wrapping its slender olive-colored finger around my neck, and whispering sweet nothings to me As she takes my life through my parted lips.
As I was staring up at the skies the wind blew you right through my mind I looked at the gaps between my fingers and realized your hands would fit perfectly into mine
After I made my declaration of infatuation                                 You sent me to damnation A place that eats at you with the isolation
The main character loves me, the smart side-kickThe thought is a balloon that continuously rises
What would I do without her?! I am what I am because of her I do what I can to be her Independent, positive, a walking heart She's too admirable to be true. Day by day
She kept a roof over my head And made sure I stayed fed If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here My heart is where I hold her near   She gave me everything, her love, time, and advice.
I fell into his eyes...
To live without the love of God Is not to live at all. It is no life to be alone And alone to fall. I know I have a freind in Christ And that is all I ask.  With grace and love to help the world
The night sky fills with darkness and stars   The moon does rise with hands on hearts scars   Mourning and Morning, so filled with pain,  
A Beautiful, Celestial soul Gives unconditionally To the undeserving habitants Of her home, taking her time To extend vines of Ripening Fruit. What more can I want
I may feel alone but there's always someone with me I may feel unloved but I know someone loves me unconditionally 
Constant ruminating, its recirculating. I look at you, while my mind seems to be illuminating From the watchers eye, you know nothing, Yet you hold the knowledge of solely entrusting, without judging.
Blood stained hands, seeping red like wine at a wedding. Not a joyous occasion, but a tragedy and scandal. Pierced hands and pierced feet nailed to dark wood, rough and unshaven.
Life scarred by trauma,
I can feel that when I kiss you The smallness of your face and lips In that their delicacy intrigues me In a deep and primal way, And in that strength it gives me I am able to feel that lovely vulnerability
I just new you where going to be here forever  as a kid  I believed we would always be together when we talked about our future you was always there But now our present is our past's future, and you not even here 
i’ve always said i’ll never bear a son or daughter, or any being in between, or nothing of the combination; but i wonder if that’s the key to replenish the life in me, to grow my flower;
Falling into darkness,Sinking into nothing.They think I'm fun and smiling,I'm really only bluffing.
With A pit-pat-pit her feet hit the floor I can hear her travel the house from my room One foot slides along as the other thumps She pauses and I listen. What is she looking for?  
My mother likes attention and she’ll do anything to get it. My mother likes Xanax; I've seen her pop it dozens of times. My mother likes child abusers because all of her boyfriends fit the definition.
Walking on the midnight clouds of dust Falling like a rain drop There is nothing I can do To stop the stars from shining To stop you from your dreaming Because all the clouds of my past
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